Recommended Kdramas

Recommended Kdramas

On this page I will discuss all my Top rated Kdramas as a whole. I'm always watching new Kdramas so as time goes on this list will undoubtedly become larger and larger (a prospect I, gleefully, can't wait for!) So check back from time to time to see what I've updated! Without further ado, I'll begin my list! 

Thanks to My Dramas List, it helps me keep my Kdramas organized, I recommend this site to anyone who watches a lot of Kdramas!

Top Rated KDramas
First, I just wanna say how hard it is to get on my Top Rated List--a lot of thought and consideration goes into it because if we put everything in our top rated list, then it wouldn't really illustrate just how great the Drama really, when I say top rated, what is really means is: It was perfect wrapped in a little green bow (green is my favorite color)
  1. Secret Garden
  2. Faith
  3. I Hear Your Voice
  4. Dream High
  5. Panda and the Hedgehog

Close Seconds
These dramas are very good but the endings may have left something to be desired or there are "leaps" or something that made me give it a 9 rather than a 10. 
  1. A Gentleman's Dignity
  2. Flower Boy Next Door*
  3. Cinderella's Sister*
  4. You're Beautiful
  5. The World That They Live In
  6. My Lovely Kim Sam Soon*
  7. Rooftop Prince*

Honorable Mentions
Merely rated an 8 rather than a 9 or 10--but still good dramas to watch!
  1. Boys Over Flowers
  2. Stars Falling From The Sky
  3. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band
  4. Scent of a Woman
  5. Reply 1997
  6. City Hunter
  7. To The Beautiful You
  8. The King of Dramas
  9. Coffee Prince
  10. I Miss You*
  11. Me Too, Flower*
  12. Mary Stayed Out All Night
  13. Love Rain
  14. Protect The Boss*
I've completed over 49 Kdramas and  I am continuously updating my list but be sure to watch the ones I've already mentioned and enjoy! Once you get the hang of them, you'll learn to love it just like the rest of us! 

Other Kdramas You Can Enjoy

*- KDramas I very much enjoyed and would absolutely recommend but didn't make my top list because one or two aspects were missing.

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