About Me

My name is Aunnie and I am a mid-twenties Kscene Fanatic! Kscene meaning any and all things Korean. It all started with Gangnam Style; actually there is a story behind it...but I'll make it simple:
  1. Husband shows Me Gangnam Style
  2. I show Friend Gangnam Style
  3. Friend says "No, no, no...Do you want to see really good Kpop?"
  4. My Mind = Blown
I imagine it looked a lot like this
I'm married to a man who loves me enough to forgive me for my rather sudden Kscene addiction even though, I'm sure he would like to strangle me sometimes...especially when I make him watch newly released MVs....lets just say I put his love to the test...many many times....a week....(lol) 

I am currently attending school for Nursing but I like a large array of other things; I love to learn about anything--the exceptions being cars or anything technical...for that..I have my husband and my aforementioned friend. I am also in the process of learning Korean, while reading my blog you might see a few words that stand out such as "Omo", this simply means "Oh Gosh" or "Aigoo" which is the Korean equivalent to a large sigh.

Other than that, I'm a very open person; I'm not afraid to speak my mind and more often than not, I need my friends (*cough*husband too*cough*) there to keep me in line and out of trouble. To give you a more general picture, however, I'll simple say this: I'm the girl that dresses up for Renaissance Festivals, play video games with the boys and gushes over Kdramas/Kpop/Kidols with my friends all without shame. So...it's nice to meet you!

I should also mention; every once in a while you will see some writing in this blog that is in Purple...this is because Firnlambe has hijacked my blog because: 1) I asked her too or; 2) she likes to keep me on my toes. Please welcome her as well!

Yes!!! Welcome me!!  
I don't appear too often in Aunnie's blogs but when the need arises I voice my opinion
*fades into the darkness* 

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  1. Hi! I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award: http://kpoponmymind.wordpress.com/2014/10/12/the-sunshine-award/