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A Beginner's Guide to Kpop: For Fans & Non-Fans Alike

If you are a kpop fan, or the relative/friend of a kpop fan, you should read this. In this blog, I will attempt to explain the effects of Kpop so that they are easy to understand and will also provide some warnings, advice and general information for those who may only be curious about the world of Kpop. Read More to see the Beginner's Guy to Kpop: For Fans & Non-Fans Alike.
If you've chosen to enter the world of Kpop and join it's fandom there are a few things you'll need to understand and come to terms with.  This blog will be given in 3 parts;Warning, Advice & Tips.


It's like the Hotel California but don't panic for you are not alone. Kpop is like Ohana - no one gets left behind or forgotten so take a breath of relief before continuing. One thing to understand about the Kpop fandom is that we are vast and wide so don't be discouraged if you have to search for us a little. 

If you are the family member or friend of a Kpop fan, then congratulations--your family/friend is daring to be different and you should not judge them for it. Many can say . . .

So family/friends, it's important to remember that we didn't really choose this life, for most of us, we can say that it just happened. 


With that being said, Kpop fans are always being judged; as my good friend put it
"I would say be prepared. Your life will take on new meaning; be prepared for feeling personal connections to people you will never meet, and for people to say this is just a "phase" even when you to know it's not."
                                                                       -Thia Rose (@ItsThisRose)

Instead, fellow kpop fan, think of it this way . . . 

We kpop fans believe that music is universal--it speaks in every language--and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it. 

Others will not agree, simply shrug and count it as their loss. What people don't understand is that there is more to kpop than their pretty faces ( . . . and they sure are pretty), it's their voices, their dancing, their personalities, the culture, etc . . . it is truly a new world with different standards and whenever someone begins to judge you for your personal preference then just pretend you are Key from SHINee and say . . . 

And leave it at that!

Or . . . 

Whatever brings you the most peace. 
Shall we move on from the depressing stuff? Alright, let's move on . . . 



Your close friends may not understand but luckily for you, we live in the age of technology. We kpop fans are not hard to find and the best part . . . we understand what you are going through. You are most definitely not alone. We all might flare different colors but with Kpop . . . 

It doesn't really matter! Everyone has their favorites (which we will get to later), their genre preferences but there is one steady truth to Kpop . . .  it's that you will never be unsupported. 

Example: recently Kpop fans have suffered many blows as groups disband, members suffer scandals or, in the case of Exo, members decide to leave. Each instance is devastating as we are all used to seeing these members (usually) on a daily basis and the idea that their group--their family--is losing a member is heartbreaking BUT always remember... you are not alone. Below is just a couple of pictures that were made during just such instances . . .

For those you who may not understand the picture above--each Kpop group has their own fan color and a fan name. In this picture, Exo's is white (in the middle) and they are surrounded by various other colors (which show their names: Big Bang/VIPs, Super Junior/ELFs, & SHINee/Shawols--these are just some examples).

Here is the BAP Bunny (a.k.a. Matoki) with the Exo symbol incorporated. Little did we know, at the time, BAP was going to suffer their own loss soon. And Exo was soon eager to help hold up the heads of BABYs. 

The Kpop fandom is continuously growing as we can see by popular trends in America's society and even if we continue to be few and far between, we will never not be around. Reach out using Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. Some of the Kpop friends I have acquired have come from Twitter. I have met some good friends by attending the concerts and although we don't always live near each other, we're never far apart in heart. 

We're everywhere . . . literally . . .

An important note, it is definitely okay to have a bias group--a group you think is the best amongst all other groups but be prepared for that to change at any....given....moment. I'm a Shawol at heart, now and forever but I won't lie and say that the ARMY fandom isn't like a Siren calling me to my death. 

Don't be unhappy about changing allegiances, just think of it as pouring all the love you gave an up and coming group which allowed them to reach their dreams and putting it towards a new group that desperately needs your help now. 

I have much more to say but time is limited and it's been too long since I've posted anything so I apologize in advance for the mish-mesh that is this post. Please feel free to leave me comments to let me know of any other tips, advice or warnings you yourself would like to share with newcomers to Kpop. Thank you for reading and remember . . . love myself, love yourself (~BTS)

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