Sunday, September 13, 2015

Kpop Dance Moves: Part 3

My most recent Kpop Dance Moves was a Comeback Edition, if you didn't see it, check it out. Now I'm back with my normal Kpop Dance Moves: Part 3. Ultimately, this installment catches up with some previous featured artists and what they have done since Kpop Dance Moves Part 2. Read More to see who made this installment of great dance moves.

Going over some previous groups and catching up--back in the Kpop Dance Move's is BOYFRIEND with "Janus". I like this dance in particular because they make simple moves seem complicated; with only six members but with equal amount of backup dancers, these kids--yes, kids--had to navigate between twenty-four pairs of legs. I still trip over my own two legs so twenty-four seems outrageous. These boys don't come out with new stuff very often but when they do, it is usually pretty decent if not exceptional. Sorry BOYFRIEND fans, don't hate me because they aren't in my top ten favorites. Trust me, after nearly four years of being in the Kpop scene, it takes an exceptional group to even attempt to make top ten!

Another group that was feature on a previous Kpop Dance Moves is Infinite. They've had a couple of great songs that have been released since my last Kpop Dance Moves blog--Yes, I do mean "Last Romeo" and even more recently "Bad". Although "Last Romeo" is a bit of a homage to their 80's-like sound, "Bad" is a little more modern sounding--what's modern? I don't know, I just know it doesn't sound like it came from the 80's. Although Infinite doesn't fill their dance routines with amazing moves, they do have some pretty fun ones spread out and every once in a while they throw an amazing one in there--like the one from "Before The Dawn"--you know which one I'm talking about. What truly keeps me coming back to them is their knack for being in sync and how most of their dance moves move in tune with the music. Such as in "Bad" when the boys shimmy their shoulders from side to side. Hmmm . . . I love it. A move like that is so easily mistimed and can look jerky and awkward but these boys, time and time again, illustrate their control over their bodies.

Of course, if we are talking about masters of control, we need to discuss BTS' more recent releases. "I Need U" and "Dope" are just continuations of awesome to add to their careers. I won't even begin to mention how upset I am that I missed them coming to Chicago this July. *Glares at the small infant that belongs to me* I can't even be that upset since it was becoming a mother that stopped me from seeing BTS. Anywho . . . Well . . . Do I even need to go into detail about why BTS' dance moves are amazing? Synchronization, intricate dance moves, the sheer timing . . . there is nothing I can say here about BTS that I haven't already said in the previous Kpop Dance Moves blogs. I really should just start pointing out times they messed up although I fear I would only be able to come up with . . . nothing to say.

Keeping in tune with what seems to be a theme in this Kpop Dance Moves, we'll check in with another past featured group: Vixx. They can be found somewhere between BOYFRIEND and BTS with regard to their capabilities and talents. Although "Error" and "Eternity" were great songs, they were not so great in the dance column. Not to say that they were bad dances, just nothing to write home to mom about.  Vixx seems to be concentrating more on the storyline of their music videos than the actual dances which is okay considering most their more recent music videos are heavily story oriented. All the same, here are a couple of honorable mentions.
Although, small side note, if you guys have no looked at their goof-themed "Error" dance practice, it is kind of cute along with their "Love Equation" dance practice. Those boys are capable of being ultra-serious, like in Voodoo or Hyde, but it's nice that they can have a good time too.
Well, that is all for this update on Kpop Dance Moves although next time, I promise to feature more less-known artists and dance moves than these mainstream groups. I can't have people thinking that I am mainstream-biased. Well, I am but I am trying to broaden my horizons a little bit. As always, if you have any groups or dance moves that you think are brilliant, please feel free to share them in the comments section. I am always on the lookout for more awesome!

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