Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kpop Dance Moves Part 2

I previously wrote a blog about some of my favorite Kpop Dance Moves which included dance moves by Super Junior, Exo, Infinite, Vixx, SHINee, and Boyfriend. Like usual I couldn't share all my favorite dance moves in one blog and I was also influenced heavily by SM artists at the time. In Part 2 of my Kpop Dance Moves, I'm going to step out of my comfort zone and try to feature more artists that are not SM affiliated although, I've come to the conclusion that SM dances feature maybe one or two awesome dance movies per music video--or perhaps every two or three music videos. Other entertainment companies have no problem with featuring 18 awesome dances moves per song as you will witness here in this blog.  Read More to see my part 2 continuation of my favorite Kpop Dance Moves.

So first up is a new group I was introduced to by Firnlambe. Since I'm just learning about this group now, I can't say much about their style but if their Zombie Party and Don't Tease Me songs/dances are anything to go by, I'll be a lifelong fan of theirs. In fact, I sincerely suggest watching both songs because the choreography as a whole is pretty awesome and this small .gif doesn't do them justice. They have got to be one of the most acrobatic-oriented Kpop groups I've ever seen and I doubt very many of their fans will be disappointed in their future works.

BTS is a peculiar group for me. I liked the song N.O and their concept was quite interesting but that was as far as I liked them. Then I saw their Bulletproof MV and it actually made me give BTS another look and now I don't know why I ever didn't like them. Bulletproof is another music video I would suggest watching as a whole because it's spectacular. Their dancing is pretty smooth and crisp meaning they're one of the few groups that always seem to be perfectly aligned and in sync with each other. The last portion of this .gif more than proves that with the hat. This .gif didn't really capture it perfectly so again, watch the MV to see how cool that dance move is.

*EpicSigh* I couldn't fit all of my favorite BTS dance moves into one .gif so I must have a BTS Encore. Their Bulletproof dance was amazing, just as amazing as their Boy in Luv dance moves. As we see here again, they are perfectly aligned and in sync with each other which indicates many hours of practice and an overall connection between each of the members. I'll be looking for more from this group in the future and I suspect I won't be disappointed.

B.A.P is another dance group that not only has amazing choreography but also an amazing concept designer. Their Angel (Save Me) and One Shot (Coma) music videos not only feature two songs at a time but they are actually narrative music videos. I suggest taking a look at both MVs if you haven't already.

B.A.P is one of the few groups that are remarkably in sync with each other as well as having an exceptional group of dancers--meaning they can all dance. B.A.B.Ys are never disappointed with their group.

Zelo Dear...Remember, we talked about this.
When your time is done, you're done.  Please do not throw a tantrum...

100% is a group I've been following from their debut and I absolute adore their songs and their dancing style. They've got a long way to go before they can go up against BTS and B.A.P in the dance department but nevertheless, they're well on their way and their song Beat did not disappoint.

And then there's Bad Boy of course...

This last group has...

What the hell Leo! I told you, you're not in this one, my love.
No, no, don't make that face....

*Sigh*....As I was saying, this last group has had their fair share of controversy...much to my dismay because I actually like them. I didn't at first because I thought "Wow...Sexy much?"  but that was mostly due to their song Trouble Maker and I've grown rather protective of them since. Yes, I'm talking about Trouble Maker. Confused yet? Yeah, Trouble Maker's Trouble Maker from their Trouble Maker album (like what I did there?) was pretty risque and unnecessarily so but they have since upped their game with their most recent released album Chemistry featuring the song Now and Attention. They're known of their overtly in-your-face sexuality but it's put to a much better artistic use in these two songs. They aren't the best dancers out there but they have a few dance moves that caught my eye.

That concludes this segment of my favorite Kpop Dance Moves. Even as type this, I'm building a new list and will be showing them sometime in the future. So keep checking back! And let me know what your favorite dance moves are in the comments below! Thank you for reading.

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