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Exo Showtime Episode 6

Exo brings in the new year on the beach in this continuation of last week's Exo Showtime. This week's episode we get to spend a little quality time with Exo as they prepare a meal, play games and even have a spontaneous interview session hosted by their very own DO and Baekhyun. Read More to find out what happens in this week's Exo Showtime!

Annyeonghaseyo EXOtics

So first things first, they recap last week's multiple betrayal's: Luhan's branch betrayal, Kai's rock betrayal and Suho's younger brother betrayal which all resulted in a fantastic ending for last week. Good marketing technique, I might add. Get us all pumped up about last week's episode again and get us ready for this one, so let's get to it!

So this week they start off directly after the beach incident. They've come to what looks like a cabin that they'll be staying at. As soon as everyone starts showing up they start picking bedrooms. But they get instructed to come back to the living room to discuss dinner. 

Chanyeol chirps in he brought money . . . well, at least one of you did . . . and they start deciding who's going to the market to get ingredients. In a sign of good team work Chanyeol says he'll go to the market and Baekhyun volunteers to make rice at the lodgings. Up until now, I thought it was Suho who was giving out the orders but it turns out it's DO because DO ends up telling Suho, Chanyeol and Luhan to go to the market and they all agree.

Baekhyun, who previously volunteered to make the rice, delegates those duties to Chen as soon as the market team is gone. We find out it's because there isn't a rice cooker and must be done manually . . . can't blame you Baekhyun because if I don't have a rice cooker, it's instant rice for everyone 'cause I can't do it either . . . Chen says he's good at water measurements and offers to help Baekhyun make the rice except, Chen finds a rice cooker under the sink where Baekhyun hadn't looked before. But now the problem is, will it fit all the rice to feed twelve boyishly-like-men? Nope!  However, the rice is the instant kind which is what Baekhyun tells Chanyeol over the phone which is after he tells the whole "Market" team that everyone back at the lodgings are sleeping! This upsets Suho, but also back at the lodgings Chen, Baekhyun & Kai are fighting over how to make the rice but it all seemingly goes well and the rice goes into the cooker.

The market boys attract some attention when the Ajumma notices them right away and asks who they are. The boys tell her they're singers and that "Growl" is their song and she admits to recognizing them on television. She then tells them they're so handsome . . . and phew, are they ever! . . . to which the boys bow and respectfully give thanks. They leave the store after purchasing a few items and decide to eat a street vendor's pancakes...which admittedly look delicious . . . 

But then Chanyeol walks off and Suho makes a pained face . . . what is it? It's a cut out stand, you now, the kind where you stand behind a board and stick your face through--you see them at carnivals or amusement parks--and causes Suho to laugh happily. Does this mean Suho-Eomma isn't upset anymore? Then they go back to being in line but Suho decides to finish their shopping for dinner, taking Chanyeol with him, while Luhan stands in line and waits for the pancakes. While in their quest to figure out what to buy, Chanyeol and Suho come across a bowing mannequin that prompts them to playfully bow back and say "Annyeonghashimnikka" which is just basically an ├╝ber polite "Welcome and Hello". What a bunch of adorable dorks...*sigh*

They enter a meat store and decide to go with pork for dinner. Chanyeol asks the butcher if he knows who they are because they were recognized by the Ajummas a few stores down. But they're not so lucky with the Ajusshi's because he says that XO is a drink. The boys correct him politely and say they're from SM. Back with Luhan, he tells the camera that this is the first he's ever had a hot cake and you can just tell he's excited so he eats his before the other two even return.

At the lodgings, all the boys are either being extremely lazy or sleeping. However, Chen says that he just knows the others are eating right now and Baekhyun agrees with him. The cameras switch back to the other three who are, indeed, eating from a different street vendor.

A shot back to the lodgings and we see that Baekhyun and DO are making due with their boredom by playing dress up. They wear the most ridiculous sunglasses, actually, they're pretty comical. And they start shooting a pseudo-talk show to entertain themselves. They banter back and forth before pulling Chen out of his nap and into their little game. They make Chen sit between them and Baekhyun breaks out his first question: "I heard you were good at water measurements." So Chen, playing along with his members, decides to talk about how he washed and cooked the rice. They go back and forth talking about the rice until the real questions come out.

Baekhyun asks Chen who he will choose to share a room with, who he'll sleep with and who he he hates to sleep with the most. Chen takes too long to respond which prompts Baekhyun to suggest he wants to sleep alone. Chen denies the allegation but can't keep up with Baekhyun and DO's attacks on his choice--or lack thereof. But it all ends in laughs and giggles. Chen finally gets the chance to answer and he says he'd rather sleep with DO and Sehun. Baekhyun presses on and says "Who do you hate to sleep with the most?" And Chen answers honestly, "It's you." He says Baekhyun is so loud when he wants to go to bed but Baekhyun can't take the criticism. He says he'll show Chen tonight with the cameras on that he's not loud. I guess we'll have to wait and see who's right . . .  

Chen goes back in to check the rice and they bring out Tao next. Tao is incredibly sleepy and Baekhyun scolds him nicely by saying "How are we suppose to do a broadcast if we're always sleeping?" So Tao promises to do better and Baekhyun, satisfied, asks his questions. He indicates that Tao takes a lot of selcas and asks how many selcas he takes in any given day. Tao replies that he doesn't take selcas without make up on but doesn't give a definitive answer. Then Baekhyun asks what he'll do when he goes inside, eat, play and sleep? Tao falls right into his trap and says "Yes" and Baekhyun, quick-fire that he is, say "When will you get airtime?" Oh Tao, you are such an adorable maknae! But it's ok because Tao then tries to warm Baekhyun up with some seriously cute aegyo. Baekhyun instantly responds with "Don't do aegyo, go inside and boil some noodles" Even though he's not the last two maknae's, poor Tao gets treated like the youngest. Sigh . . . for good reason too.

Unwittingly, out comes Kris who must now suffer through the DO/Baekhyun talk show. Kris decides to wear goofy sunglasses right along with his Dongsaengs and I've decided, Kris could probably wear the most ridiculous accessories and still make them look cool. It's his cold nature that really brings out his outfits. They ask him what he was just doing and he admits to sleeping because he's a king. He sticks to the "I am King" idea and buffers all attacks with that concept. Baekhyun asks why Kris didn't play at the beach and he replies with "I am not friendly with the winter sea, I get along with the summer sea" . . . you and me both, buddy . . .  Baekhyun then asks Kris who he was in his previous life . . . I swear if he says King . . . 

Pleasantly surprised am I, he says he was a superman . . . *crickets chirping* . . .  Baekhyun scoffs at him and asks him why he thinks that, is it because he's a charmer? Kris responds with . . . because he's tall . . . Wait. What? . . .  It just goes to show that Kris . . . should be in acting. Obviously he's saying this for comedy purposes but he's completely straight-faced when he says it.  I love it!

At this point, the market team comes back with dinner. Chen asks them why they're so late and if they ate anything. Suho expertly lies and says "We didn't eat anything" Seriously, Suho-Eomma? Do you think they aren't going to watch the broadcast and catch you in your lies? They tell the others they got a bunch of this and that for dinner and Chen immediately breaks into the bags to see whats-what. 

And we're shown this episode's question: Who is in charge of cooking among the 12 members? Good question . . . 

Looks like it'll be Chanyeol and Chen cooking dinner because the next thing we see is Chanyeol asking Chen if he knows how to make bean paste soup. Kris--manly Appa that he is--offers to help but he doesn't know Korean dishes very well so he gets delegated to veggie-cutting duty. It's actually pretty cool to see these boys making their own food. I know it's not true but I just kind of assume that they're fed on a regular basis rather than making their own food--outside of snacks of course. Chanyeol--wearing his wolf hat from episode 3--expertly moves around the kitchen making side dishes and the pork.

While helping prepare, Chen gets a phone call from his mother. The members introduce themselves . . . Must remember that Kyung Soo is DO for future reference so I'm not confused again . . . Despite having Kris, and Chanyeol both introduce themselves, only DO gets a personal "I Love You" while the rest get a "I Love You All" . . . awww . . . Once the introductions are over, Chen asks his mother if onions go into bean paste soup but before she can answer Chanyeol chirps in "Of course there is!" Chen continues to ask questions but as it turns out, Chanyeol is right on all of them and he claps at his own intelligence in the kitchen. After this DO and Chen go out to grill the meat while the others stay inside and eat the soup. It isn't until Xiumin looks out the window that the members realize how windy is gotten outside but like men, the DO and Chen go out anyway. 

It takes awhile but Sehun is finally able to go out and pick up the first batch of meat that DO and Chen precariously made with a huge flame. Honestly, I don't understand how their nylon jackets didn't just go up in flames but, thankfully, they didn't. However, once the meat is inside--by the looks on the members faces--it's not very good. Why is no one going outside and telling them this?? DO and Chen both try the meat and see no problem with it and they eat piece after piece before it even gets inside. Chanyeol decides to pick up the uncooked pieces and cook it on a frying pan. During the exchange, Chen gets distracted and his entire grill grate gets toppled over in the wind and all his meat goes crashing to the ground. His response? Stares at it and doesn't move an inch as if he cannot simple believe that happened. A lot like how Kai reacted in the last episode when he lost the Rock-Paper-Scissors game. It isn't until DO takes a look that Chen realizes that the food didn't hit the ground but rather landed perfectly atop the grate and the food is still good.

Chanyeol brings up the next batch of cooked meat along with the uncooked meat but everyone hesitantly tastes it and decide it's still really bitter. So Master Chief Chanyeol starts to fry and the meat comes out looking amazing. Well, consider the outside conditions, guys, it's windy! The boys play Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who gets first pick of the meat. Let's just say . . . Tao has the most animated expression in this scene than I've ever seen on his face before. He looked like he'd just won the lottery! Observe . . . 

Along with Tao, Kai & Luhan also win and get to chose which meat they eat. While these boys are fighting over the meat, unbeknownst to them, Chanyeol is smacking his lips over freshly made meat over in the kitchen!

Oh . . . Oh! A mommy-daddy fighting scene! Once the boys have chosen their first round of meat, Suho suggests playing Rock-Paper-Scissors again to determine who gets first pick of the next round. Kris, frustratingly, suggests that they just eat but when Suho pouts, they all decide to play the game again to choose. This time it's Xiumin, Tao & Lay who get first pick. While these boys continue to fight, Chen and DO are outside enjoying their broiled barbecue.

When they're finally reached the end of the meal Suho-Eomma calls for clean up. Once again, they're back to debating with each other on who should do what. In my opinion, it's simple. Those who didn't help cook, should clean...but I'm not there. However, Tao get's picked to help clean but he gets to chose one person to help him. Tao chooses Suho and they show everything Suho did that day: He got chosen to go into the icy water with Luhan and Kai--despite winning at Rock-Paper-Scissors, I might add--he had to go to the market to buy food and he ended up washing twelve portions of lettuce for the meal . . . and Tao chooses him to help clean up? Suho jokes that he's the most unlucky of the twelve today.

Tao then makes a play for Kris and Kris . . . thankfully . . . takes up the challenge in an effort to help his . . . if I said "wife" it'd just be weird, right? Well, you get my point . . . without a moment's hesitation. See, Kris isn't such a cold guy after all . . . The cleanup . . . is a daunting task!

This also why I chose to help make dinner at my family gatherings so I can escape the clean up. 

So the answer to "Who cooks for the 12 members?" is: Chanyeol is good for soups, Chen is good for cutting and DO is master of the flame. But I think it's safe to say that most of them chip in to help. 

After dinner they all gather around and start playing games. They decide on "Yaja". As the game starts, they're ranked from oldest to youngest and the roles become reversed. So the youngest gets a chance to use banmal (informal Korean) while the oldest have to be formal--I'm assuming. <Please correct me if I'm wrong in the comments, I'd very much appreciate an explanation to this game> I got this presumption because Kai and Chen immediately start picking on Xiumin--who is technically one of the oldest--and starts calling him Maknae.  Kris joins in the fun and starts laughing but Chanyeol looks at him and says "Why are you laughing?" But it was severely informal. Everyone has a good laugh but then immediately start picking on Suho. Seems like the children just wanna make fun of their parents . . . 

The new Hyungs decide that in their eight minutes of freedom, they're going to order the New Dongsaengs around...starting with Xiumin. Xiumin is forced to sing the Gwiyomi song . . . Xiumin, it could be worse . . . And of course he's ridiculously cute doing it. Luhan gets to write his name with his butt. So of course, he starts to write it in Korean except . . . Luhan is Chinese so they make him write it in Hanja--which, for all intents and purposes, is Chinese.

So now it's Kris' turn and he resignedly asks what they want him to do. They decide they can't figure it out and move on to Suho who is being made to act out a crying scene. Tao keeps egging him on, he's really gotten into this role as Hyung . . . be careful Tao, you won't be Hyung for much longer . . . But before Suho has to act out the crying scene, the timer goes off and the roles reverse back to their natural state. Now the real Hyungs automatically start picking on the Dongsaengs once again . . . Told you . . . and the Hyungs immediately start making the Dongsaengs pay by making them do actions in return. Luhan pretends to beat up Tao, Xiumin tries to make Sehun sing and Sehun regretfully says "But I didn't tease you that much." And Chanyeol . . . he tries to hide but Suho seeks him out immediately . . . 

It's now 12 am and the boys are just tucking in for the night . . . well kind of. They're in their make shift beds and on couches and look to be ready to fall asleep but as Chanyeol plays his guitar, the other members are busily looking at their phones and are otherwise . . . not really sleeping. Suho and Sehun say their personal goodnight's the camera before tucking in as well which ends when Sehun kisses the camera. Luhan is singing in the bedroom alone before he goes to bed but eventually all the lights go out and everyone quiets down. However...we never get to find out if Baekhyun is loud before he goes to bed or not...way to drop the ball Exo Showtime!

You would think this would be the end of the episode but no sir, our boys are back up and moving at 6:30 am! This time, they're up to see the sunrise over the ocean. A lot of them agree that this is fine time for something like this and I must admit from personal experience, it's incredibly to see the sunrise over the ocean. Xiumin and Kris are cold enough that Kris suggests they dance like Octopuses to keep warm and it's very cute . . . 

As the sun rises the members decide to make their New Year's wishes and shout them out over the ocean;

Suho wishes to be a better leader in 2014 and just as he makes his wish, the sun rises over the horizon . . . like literally, just as he finishes making his wish. If that isn't a sign, Suho . . . I don't know what is . . . the members cheer and take the chance to take pictures. Tao has probably the best reactions in this episode for sure . . . this is his response to seeing the sun rise . . . 

Baekhyun wishes that Exo will improve in 2014. DO wishes that everyone stays healthy in 2014. Xiumin wishes to be allowed to talk more in 2014. Chanyeol wishes they become cooler in 2014. Tao wishes he can make his beloved people happy in 2014--he also adds that he loves Exo. We don't get to see the rest of the wishes but I'm willing to bet they're more of the same. Not going to lie, one day in my life I'd like to stand on a beach and yell out my wishes over the rising sun, it seems somehow . . . more monumental.

They make one last wish as a group and fling their hands into the air . . . 

And that's the end of this two-part episode of Exo's Winter Sea experience. It wasn't my favorite episode but we got to see different sides of our Exo members and therefore it was well worth the 50 minute viewing. I hope you all enjoyed it as well and we'll see you next week!

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