Monday, May 5, 2014

The Awesomeness that is Chad Future

Here is a an American, born in Detroit, Michigan, who has completely blown my mind. He is a passionate singer, songwriter and producer of music that has jump started it's own genre: AK-pop. He has amassed not only a huge group of fans, a fan-club named Time Travelers, but a popularity that shows no signs of stopping. Read More to see why you should keep an eye out for Chad Future.

My dearest friend, Firnlambe, over at Soju-Like-Kdramas recently wrote a Blog about the new blowout artist, Chad Future. Since she is infinitely more open to new music than I am, I was very hesitant to listen to his collaboration with Vixx's very own, Ravi, for his song Rock the World which is posted below which can be found at his Youtube Channel:

I happen to love Vixx but I was still hesitant to press, I wish I hadn't waited so long to listen to the song. Since I'm an honest person and I don't intend to start lying now, I was impressed by the collaboration and the music video but it wasn't until I started following Chad's Youtube uploads that I realized what a treasure this artist truly is. 

Being a Non-Sasaeng Exotic, I was instantly drawn to his "Wolf" and "Growl" covers and realized I was thoroughly blown away by his ability to keep his translated lyrics in near-perfect time with the original song. Which is definitely impressive considering the differences in the Korean and English languages. This was not the end of my "Get to Know Chad Future" journey however, he has also done a G-Dragon "Crayon" cover and a JJ Project "Bounce" cover (not to mention many question/answer videos that are thoroughly entertaining). 

Now all of this is impressive sure, but why should you follow him? Because he is a man with dream and has already taken giant-like steps in achieving it--despite it's "impossibility". Not only has he shown that it's not impossible but he's already begun to bridge the gap that lies between American Music and K-pop. Psy-Oppa may have brought the Kpop industry to light in America but Chad is more than willing to pick up the torch and carry it across the finish line. 

If you take anything away from this blog, please dear God, let it be the words he says in this video. It has brought tears to my eyes and is everything I believe in. 

Both Firnlambe and I have tried to illustrate the power and artistic value that can be found in Kpop and Chad's personal words have not only spoken what is in my heart but expressed what we have been trying to tell others in an eloquent way:
"I challenge anyone to go watch 20 minutes of K-pop music videos and not be blown away. Notice the level of precision they use in their performances. Check out the lighting, the sets, the choreography, the outfits, the video quality, the epic-ness, the production of the is honestly the absolute top in the entire world. American music and videos are great, but they are not as big as K-pop. The USA used to do this too, back in 1999/2000. Something happened around 2005 though, and, for the most part, our music videos and performances got really cheap and uninspired."
                                                                  - Chad Future (Chad Future's Website)

Chad is an inspiration to everyone but most especially all Kpoppers in America and I, for one, am impressed by his drive and his commitment to his dream. I intend to show my complete and unwavering support in this is artist and am excited to see what he does in the future. Keep it up Chad! You are doing brilliant work! 


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