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Most Memorable SHINee Moments: Part 2

I previously did a blog about my "Most Memorable SHINee Moments" and I've managed to gather another set of my most favorite SHINee moments--enough to write a blog about them--and let's be serious, SHINee never gets old! Although, as of late, they've been put on the back burner in lieu of Vixx, Trouble Maker, CNBlue and Eminem (Don't judge me, he's amazing) as far as iPod usage is concerned. It's always good to pick up the classics and honor them from time to time. Here are my Most Memorable SHINee Moments...Part 2!

I feel that I need to say two things before I begin: 1) Yes, I'm aware that a few of the videos from my older blog post have been removed from YouTube, to avoid that issue this time around, I'll be making my own .gifs; and 2) I once again remind you that I do not aim to make fun or in any way tease SHINee for their mistakes, I happen to find their mistakes adorable and a reminder that these unbelievably talented men are, in fact, human and prone to human mistakes. With that having been said, let's begin!

One of my favorite parts about listening to SHINee is Jonghyun! Love his voice, love the way he sings and I most definitely love his long, high notes so, needless to say, the fact that Jonghyun got a high note solo in last year's 2013 SBS Gayo Daejun Friendship Project made me very happy. However, this video is a two-parter. Not only did Jonghyun get his high note but very briefly we get to see the rest of SHINee cheer Jonghyun on right before he sings the note--none more so than my SHINee Bias, Onew. Take a look...

More cute than Taemin's round cheeks and Key's adorable smile is Onew's "You got this, Jonghyun" face. And of course, Jonghyun rocked the note and the song was made even more beautiful because of it. If you have never seen this whole song or the parodies that showcased before the song then I strongly suggest you YouTube [<<--Part 1] it because it's delightful. However, the song in it's entirety is Here. I was impressed by the sheer amount of artists that joined in this project and seeing them all collaborate was very heartwarming. 


Despite Onew's latest "Encouragement" gesture...he has...in the past...been known to accidentally beat up his members. This next one also includes Onew and Jonghyun: During an episode of Beatles Code 2, Minho was telling a story about Onew not wanting to see a movie with him and Onew, in a fit of mock-righteousness, attempts to bounce a pen off of the table and hit Minho with it except he misses his mark and ends up hitting Jonghyun.

But it's okay because we know Onew means well--Onew, Fighting!!--The reason I find this so memorable and is one of my favorite SHINee moments is because 1) First off, look at all their faces. Despite Onew's "tantrum", they all found this pretty funny and 2) You can tell by the way Onew hung his head, that he was embarrassed which is always pretty comical. It was made better with the knowledge that Onew is the leader, and he's suppose to show by example...yeah, not so much.


This one is also kind of two-parter: as we all know, Cameos are always a good idea when it comes to anything Korean related. We love cameos/features whether it be in Kdramas or Kpop and SM Entertainment seems to understand this. Twice SHINee has cameo-ed in the "Just The Way You Are" Changmin(TVXQ)-Kyuhyun(Super Junior) duet and each time it's been pretty entertaining.

I can't tell what my actual favorite part was: Kyuhyun serenading Minho with the kiss on the hand and the "cheek graze", Changmin's kiss on the hand and forehead OR the fact that Minho got so into the duet but the point is, this is definitely one of my favorite SHINee moments. [Because the video I uploaded isn't nearly as clear as the original version, I'm putting the YouTube Link Here as well. (Note: If you watch on a smaller screen, the pixilation is easier to see). The second version has a cross-dressed Taemin standing in as the "female" in the middle and isn't nearly as entertaining but Here is the link to that particular duet.]


So, if you remember from my first SHINee blog, I illustrated how much Taemin actually loses his mic...here's another instance wherein Taemin loses his mic but actually saves it in the end...He was like a fumbling babybird just beginning to take flight!

 How this poor kid can dance as expertly as he does and still not be able to hold onto a mic baffles me...but he's cute all the more for it. I'd say he should just always be given a headset mic but he's proven that even then...he can still manage to drop it.


For awhile there we were all worried that Taemin would never become the infamous Tae-Man, the popularly coined nickname the crazy guys over at EatYourKimchi.com came up for Taemin, but Ladies, we no longer need to hold our breath because that moment has arrived...

We remember when he First Realized He Was A Hyung  but now...he's become a Sunbae. If there was ever a Korean "Rite of Passage" (you know, other than the mandatory military service), it's when a hubae becomes a sunbae and at the age of 21 (22 in Korean years), it's about time. Congratulations Taemin! This .gif came from the SBS 10,000 hours special wherein it featured the hard-working Taemin, Kai(Exo) and U-know(TVXQ). I am particularly fond of these scenes because despite being the same age and having been friends for years, Taemin (who debuted 4 years before Kai) is the better dancer and often helps his friend learn and perfect new dance moves.


The more and more I watch Onew, the more I realize that 1) he's incredibly jumpy and 2) can hardly manage to stay on his feet at times. The following stream of .gifs more than proves this...

Seriously...Onew is almost as clumsy as I am, except...I...sometimes...trip on...well...flat surfaces, so maybe he's not nearly as clumsy as I am but my point still stands, Onew has a hard time staying on his feet, it's a wonder he can even do some of the dances that SHINee has...


Watching any of my K-Idols act outside of their K-Idol Personas (a.k.a. act like their normal selves) has always been entertaining for me and when I watched a clip of Key pretending to throw a child-sized tantrum...well, I laughed for a good long while about it. Good thing about this .gif is Minho. Watching Minho's reaction to Key's tantrum is almost as entertaining!

Huh..that's funny. That's exactly how my 7 year old niece throws herself to the ground when she's mad...Key should be an actor!! What actually makes this clip more entertaining--you know...other than Key and Minho--is the fact that Key got away with hitting his Sunbae. I just pray that when my child has a tantrum, that is looks as cute as Key's cause otherwise...*shakes head*


If you've never seen the SHINee 1st World Tour then Here is Part 1, you should give it a watch. However, the song A-Yo is my favorite part of that concert. Watching SHINee perform that song is one of the reasons I am so fond of them--coincidentally, A-Yo also happens to be one of my favorite SHINee songs. During the second verse, however, the members do a little play acting that ends with Minho, Jonghyun, Key and Taemin chasing after Onew...

I think it would be the greatest just to see SHINee in Concert. Onew's smile and the fact that they can have this much fun on stage...I just wanna see them live, period.


This is it for this segment of "Most Memorable" SHINee Part 2 and I am looking forward to making  more favorite moments in the future. Woot Woot, SHINee, Stay awesome and smile! 

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