Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My K-pop Zombie Apocalypse Team

This morning I was walking to my office listening to SHINee and--if you knew me, you'd know how often this happens--I had a random thought: "Minho would totally make my zombie apocalypse team". That's assuming, of course, I was in Korea when this event took place. From that thought, I started thinking of other Kpop artists who would make my team and before I knew it, I had assembled my entire Kpop-Apocalypse Team. Read on to find out who made my team and why they should make yours!

Now everyone knows there are certain roles that need to be filled and everyone must serve a purpose. Since I'm a nurse, I take the role as healer and who better to heal these hot'n'steamy K-Idols than me! This is my Zombie Apocalypse Team:

Minho - Reconnaissance

He's very athletic; if you've ever seen him on Dream Team Olympics or even Running Man (*cough*To The Beautiful You*cough*), it's pretty clear he's got skillz. He's fast, sneaky, and able to move his body in different directions at the split of a second and let's be serious...what more do you need in a Zombie Apocalypse Team? [Full Clip Here] Kinda wish he took up parkour

Ryewook - Cook/Den Mother

He's a cook. He may not be much of a fighter but he'll keep our fighters going with nutritious food. And if all else fails, he can sure serve as a very good alarm system because his voice can get pretty high and nothing wakes people up faster than a banshee shriek. 

Tao - Melee

Of course he made the list, the kid can do martial arts! You'd be stupid to not have Tao in your Zombie Apocalypse Team! His flying kicks are great for beheading a zombie not to mention his proficiency with a staff--this kid would never run out of bullets!

Kyuhyun - Brains

Before you judge me on this choice, he does serve a purpose. He's smart--he was an award winning Mathematical Olympiad for crying out loud. If there is anyone who should be assigned to calculations and percentages, it's this kid. 

T.O.P. - Range

He played an assassin...twice! (IRIS & Commitment, as well as playing a solider in 71: Into the Fire) There is no way he didn't learn something during the shooting of these dramas/movies! Tao can handle the melee and T.O.P. can handle the guns. 

Kim Jong Kook - Tank

Plain and simple: He's a bigger version of Minho. See, Minho is sneaky and adept in maneuverability while Jong Kook will just hulk his way through enemies like nobody's business-not to mention he's got a soft spot for females and ultimately protects them even at the expense of himself. Why not have him?

Hyun Bin

Yes, he's a singer so he counts as Kpop Idol. He also served in the Marines...and....well...we need someone to populate the planet once we save it.

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