Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kpop Dance Moves

TVXQ Mirotic (Xia Junsu)
While it's no secret that Kpop artists train for years, what is surprising is the sheer amount of good dancers that come from this country! I swear, Korea should monopolize on this-oh wait..they do. Moving on...

Rather than discussing my favorite dancers--which I'm sure will be a blog at some point--I've made these pretty gifs to illustrate some of my most favorite dance moves!

Let's see if some of mine have made your list too!

My K-pop Zombie Apocalypse Team

This morning I was walking to my office listening to SHINee and--if you knew me, you'd know how often this happens--I had a random thought: "Minho would totally make my zombie apocalypse team". That's assuming, of course, I was in Korea when this event took place. From that thought, I started thinking of other Kpop artists who would make my team and before I knew it, I had assembled my entire Kpop-Apocalypse Team. Read on to find out who made my team and why they should make yours!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Gentleman's Dignity

A Gentleman's Dignity

Are you into mid-40's Korean men with bad hang-ups? Me either BUT these mid-40's Korean men with bad hang-ups are hysterically awesome. It may not appear so at first, but eventually their elderly good looks will charm you into thinking they're handsome as well. This Kdrama has everything: foolishly prideful men, hopelessly strong and enduring women, lots of attitude and a hilariously witty script writer and, of course, Woo Bin, I mean what else could you ask for! *sigh* Woo Bin...(*pokes head out of the darkness* ok...will you just admit I'm right already woman *fades back into the darkness*) Never!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Life of Gray Paper: A Memoir

"Gray Paper" took the Kpop scene by storm upon it's release in February of 2013. A song produced by veteran musician and composer, Kangta with vocals by Yesung, it was bound to capture the hearts of Kpoppers. With his last contribution as the King of OSTs before his enlistment, Yesung's fellow group mates and loyal fans have not forgotten him in his absence...