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Kpop Challenge

There's nothing more dangerous than pitting Group vs. Group in Kpop would hurt too much but I promise, this is a Kpop challenge that won't have you gritting your teeth with your decisions...or maybe it will! 

So Firnlambe did this over on her Blog and I decided to steal the challenge and do it for myself on my blog goes nothing! (I had to have Firnlambe randomize my chosen groups so I couldn't attempt to "rig" the questions by choosing a specific group for a specific question and I suggest this to anyone who is interested in doing their own questionnaire!)

How do you begin? Well you pick five different Kpop groups in no particular order--choose your top five or the first five that come to your mind and answer the following questions and be completely honest with yourself! Have fun! Here are my choices:

My Chosen Groups:

1. Super Junior


3. Exo

4. FT Island

5. SHINee


1. Favorite Member From Group 2: 

Leo's "bias" spot is currently being strongly challenged by Ravi but since, at this exact moment, Ravi hasn't overtaken Leo, I'm sticking to Leo. There's just something about this mysterious and shy underdog that makes me want to support him unconditionally no matter the situation. Plus, well...when he's not shying away from the camera (Which is whenever he's not on stage performing), he's got such a powerful stage presence. But Leo, m'dear, you need to be a little more personable on camera lest you want Vixx Fans around the globe to continue thinking you're a cyborg in human skin! Saranghae!

2. Least Favorite Member From Group 1: 

Don't give me that look, Kangin--there are twelve of you and one of you lovable boys had to go! Just because I chose him doesn't mean I don't like Kangin but out of twelve members...well...let's just say it was either him or Sungmin but it was a difficult choice no matter what. Kangin just doesn't have as strong of a stage presence and that's probably due to his lack of singing parts but either way, he's just not the first person I look for when I watch Super Junior but that doesn't make me love him any less! 

3. Favorite Song From Group 4: 

When I was just beginning to realize the greatness that was FT Island, this song came up and I kid you not, I listened to it over and over and over and still never got tired of it. To this day, if this song comes up on my iPod, I can't bring myself to skip it. It's just a great song, albeit sad, and Lee Hong Ki's voice is utterly amazing in it!

4. Favorite Bromance From Group 1: 

Fairly sure this Bromance needs no introduction and let's face it, in Super Junior, isn't this the only Bromance that counts? *shakes head* hahaha, who am I kidding Wonkyu is pretty special too but Eunhae is just the first couple I think of and let's face it, I don't see Wonkyu branching off into their own solo albums like Eunhae has. Also, these boys--men---are just plain destined to be together! I mean Donghae keeps a picture of Eunhyuk's mother in his wallet for crying out loud (i.e. explanation video below)!

5. Least Favorite Bromance from Group 2:

So...well...Vixx hasn't actually been around long enough to get a strong Bromance going but if I had to chose two members I don't particularly like together it's Leo & Hyuk but why? Well, it isn't because I don't like these two together but considering their history with each other--Hyuk almost left the group b/c he found Leo intimidating and hard to get to know--I don't want either boy to leave the group so if they need to stay apart then by all means, boys, please stay apart because I like ya both and don't want you to leave Vixx!

6. How Long Have You Been A Fan Of Group 1:
Since August of 2012
Bonamona Dance Solo
I had shown a friend "Gangam Style" (Psy) because I'd found it hilariously awesome but hadn't known that she was into Kpop at the time. She showed me Bonamona (Super Junior) and found it entertaining but not all that special--I was a little hesitant to enter the Kscene-- but then she showed me Opera (Super Junior) because she new my affinity for all things "Phantom of the Opera" and that's when it *clicked* in my head...this was some good stuff! Plus..that's how Kyuhyun became my ultimate bias--from this MV
Opera Kyuhyun

7. Who Is My Bias From Group 5:
Symptoms Key
Originally my bias started off as Onew and lasted for quite awhile with Key slowly but surely making his way up the ranks past Jonghyun and Minho until October 12, 2013 when SHINee had their Music Core Comeback stage and I saw the above-gifed performance and Key just shot to first place and remains unchallenged since. I love his personality, he's unique, funny and has a quick temper that often leads to funny situations. Of course, he's easy on the eyes and can sing and dance very well so there anything to not like about Key? 

8. What Is Your Favorite MV From Group 4:
Bad Woman
I like this song and MV for a few reasons--one I love Lee Hong Ki's voice in this song. This was the first song I listened to and thought "Oh My God, that's Jeremy from You're Beautiful"? But the music video held appeal because we got to see each member of the group acting out their tragic love stories with their woman (with the same actress actually) and it's the only FT Island MV I've gone back to watch more than once. Other than that, I don't really watch FT Island MVs more than the intial viewing when they're released.

9. How Did You Find Out About Group 3:
Firnlambe has always been the navigator on my Kpop travels--granted I have started to branch off into my own interest more and more as time has gone on--and as such, she's usually introducing me to rookies and this was also the case with Exo. She came over one day and said "Watch this" and it was Exo's MAMA MV and they've maintained their spot in my top 5 favorite Kpop groups despite their insanely long hiatus between their MAMA & XOXO albums but I mostly attribute that to poor planning on SM's part. 

10. What Is The Most Played Song Of Group 2: 
Vixx Hyde
Didn't even have to check my iTunes to know this song had #1 because I went through a period where this song was on repeat for hours..HOURS...Yeah...I get obsessive about songs/groups sometimes and if I decide I like a song to the 10th degree, I'm not above repeating things over and over again and it drives Firnlambe crazy...which is exactly why she's my navigator. What can I say? It's a great song!

11. Rank Groups #1, 2, & 5: 
#5 SHINee, #1 SuJu & #5 Vixx
...Super Junior still remains number one in my heart...ok...that's not true but they maintain spot #1.5 and that's mostly due to their military-induced inactivity which is sad because I know once they all get back together and they're a solid group again, they'll be back to number one but for's definitely SHINee. They've become my go-to happy music and can be found with some of the "most played" songs in my iTunes however, I can happily say Super Junior still has the most "most played" songs in my iTunes. Vixx is quickly catching up to them but for now, they're still heavily in third place.

12. Who Have You Seen More On Variety Shows: 
Super Junior
I went through a period of what Firnlambe and I call "YouTube binges" wherein we spend hours trolling YouTube for various clips of whatever interests us that day and I can't lie...Super Junior has been the reason for many a-YouTube binge...there's just so much to catch up on!

13. If You Could Be Anyone From Group 4: 
Lee Hong Ki 
Mostly because he's so unique and quite honestly..the only member I'm interested in. Maybe interested in isn't the right words..he's the only member I know about or have ever taken the time to learn about so...yeah...It's mostly his voice that draws me to this group but I'm not evil enough to not admit that the rest of the group has incredible merit--I mean you can't say you "love" FT Island without actually liking their music as a whole and I do LOVE FT Island but'd definitely have to be Lee Hong Ki.

14. What Would You Change About Group 3: 
I struggled with this question because superficially I wouldn't change anything about Exo so I really had to dig deep and I started thinking of members and scratched that idea real quick cause I wouldn't change any of the members either so...I had to look at it from a marketing standpoint and there I had no problem coming up with problems...they need to be marketed better, SM Entertainment has seriously dropped the ball on Exo but luckily they're taking strides to fix their previous negligence so..if I could change anything about Exo it would be that they need to be doing more MVs. It's clear that their MVs showcase their singing/dancing abilities, I mean look at the reception that their "Growl" video had. I mean Dear Lord, they need to utilize them to the fullest! And there is no question that Exo would surpass any standard placed before them. 

15. Random Quote From Group 1:
This one was hard...incredibly so because almost immediately two quotes came to mind and each fill me with the same amount of hilarity as the I gotta go with both:
"You are mine! I love you" ~Heechul
Heechul Sharp Tongue
So it's no secret that Heechul is the king of Sharp-Tongue, well during this battle, he was fighting against Simon D who--at first--seemed to give Heechul a run for his money but then Heechul went for the all-kill and imitated Simon D speaking to his girlfriend and shocked the audience with his intimate interaction. I just love the way he said it and how he sounded (FF to 4:50 and watch)
"I treat you well too!" ~Kyuhyun
Kyuhyun Yelling At Heechul
This clip is taken from Super Junior's Intimate Note wherein the members were allowed to bash on their fellow member Heechul and Eunhyuk. Well, Kyuhyun has always maintained his Evil Maknae image by not being intimidating by his hyungs and didn't hesitate to do so here either. He quickly compliments Heechul before bashing him for hanging out with FT Island's Lee Hong Ki. Their rapid-fire quick shouting match is why I enjoy this quote so much. (FF to 5:20 and watch)

16. Would A Collaboration Work Between Groups 2 & 5:
A Vixx and SHINee collaboration? It would probably work but I wouldn't want them too mainly because their individual group's personalities are different. They have songs that could closely match each other in their styles but well..I guess it would be interesting, to say the least...If they did, I wouldn't knock it, in fact I'd probably love it very much but I wouldn't suggest it. However having Kyuhyun, Leo and Jonghyun sing together for a THAT I could get behind! 

17. If You Had To Chose Between Group 2 or Group 4 Live, Who Would You Pick:
Hyde Live Ravi
Thus the beginning of Leo's biasspot being challenged by Ravi--Lemme explain: Now, these five groups make up my top five Kpop list, these are my go-to groups so I want to eventually see all these groups live HOWEVER, some more than others. I chose Vixx because 1) as I stated earlier, Lee Hong Ki is my main reason for liking FT Island so seeing them all on stage is kind of like a bonus as opposed to just seeing him and; 2) Ravi...yup...Not Leo, is the reason I think seeing Vixx in concert would be worth paying the ├╝ber $$ to see this group. Which saddens me because I wish it was because of Leo. Anyway, seeing Ravi along with the rest of the group would be IMMENSELY more entertaining than just seeing FT Island and therefore...Vixx is my answer. 

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