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Exo Showtime Episode 5

On this week's Exo Showtime, our members are headed out to...the beach? It's rare that Exo gets to have fun outdoors and they aren't about to miss this opportunity to see the ocean. What starts off as frivolous fun turns into pranks and an unexpected polar plunge...Exo-style. Read More to find out which three of the members gets to jump into the ocean on this cold, wintery day.

Annyeonghaseyo EXOtics!

So once again, our precious Exo members gather up at SM headquarters in what looks to be hiking gear--they're all wearing matching jackets I suspect major product placement but whatever... and they're waiting on their leader Suho.

Once he shows up, he says "Kaja!" without any preamble leaving both Exo and the audience in confusion....Ah...Suho...where are we going? That's the one knows where they're going. They have to decide themselves! Some suggestions are the spa, another member offers the beach and Luhan throws out the Namsan Tower Not gonna lie, it's one of the places I wanna see too! Fair as always, Exo decides to write down the place they want to go and see who has the best idea. Chanyeol, wearing one of his new hats, gets the job of announcing the difference places. 

The first suggestion is the "a sea near Baekhyun's Grandma's house" which you'd think came from Baekhyun but nope, it was Lay's suggestion. Awww, he wants to see Baekhyun's Grandma! However, her house is in the mountains and not near any sea so the end up teasing him for his choice. Chanyeol announces the next suggestion and it says "Winter Sea" which confuses him at first. Why? Because he wrote the same thing except it wasn't his handwriting. This suggestion was written by Suho.  Interesting that they wrote in English...

Kai also suggests the sea. Xiumin suggests "under the sea" which would have been great....if it wasn't December. Tao, always wanting to be different, wrote three places: 1) China 2) Sea 3) Germany and the fourth one he left blank. Of course, the boys make him explain his answer. They don't ask him about China--that's a no brainer--but they make him explain Germany. But he simply says it was fun being there. And honestly, after how hard these boys have been working lately, who wouldn't want to go somewhere fun! Go Tao for thinking outside the box! However, Tao gets caught speaking Banmal (informal) to Chanyeol and the usually laid back member politely corrects his Dongsaeng's speech. Look at Chanyeol's face, you can tell he is nicely correcting his Tao but even his eyes look slightly scolding. Tao, you should know better...

The next suggestion is a sweet one "Where ever the members go"....awww...but who wrote it? The camera stays on D.O. for a touch longer than anyone else so I suspect him but they never give us a definitive answer. Kris picks the galaxy. But in the end, the sea had the most picks so the sea it is!

But what are they going to do on a beach in December? Campfire.....meat party....these are some of the suggestions before Suho throws out the suggestion of a member meeting. Which immediately gets shot down; "Can't we do that in the dorm?" & "Don't bring it to the beach" are just a few of the responses. This opens up a round of laughing from the members. They start talking about roasting sweet potatoes around a campfire and Sehun says "Because it's the first time we're going out, lets open up our hearts." Awww me thinks he wrote "Where ever the members go"...the trouble-making maknae is cute when he's being sweet. And gets picked on my his members as a result...but it was a good thought Sehun! 

So without much further ado, they're off to Gangwando's East Sea! 
While on the way to the sea we get the audience question: Exo! What happens in the car? Well first things first, they get the music going--and in one car Suho, Kai, Sehun, DO, Baekhyun & Chanyeol decide to listen to their "Black Pearl" of my favorites...and they all start singing and dancing.

At some point...Exo's "Black Pearl" becomes Pit Bull's "International Girl" which I never even noticed before--but both songs have the same general beat. They change out the songs and generally just have a good time in this car, this is probably the most happy I've seen DO in all of the Exo Showtimes!

Anyone who doesn't get jealous watching these boys gracefully sing any song at any time no matter where they are...they're lying to themselves. This shows just how much they enjoy singing. They finally get a break of singing and what do they do? Sing!

We get a brief glimpse of the other car...and in the other car...Tao and Lay are both sleeping. We don't get to see what the other four are doing before the camera switches back to the first car where they are discussing different things they'd like to do at the beach. Then they decide it's word-game time. Sehun says...something which is completely untranslatable which causes the other members to razz him about his choice in words. I suspect this is more of a play on words than actual real words. DO ends up laughing so much in the car that even I feel happy. He's been so low-key since Exo Showtime started that I started to feel bad that he was so..."boring", that was the word I used.

So the answer to the first question "What does Exo do in the car?" is answered: 1) They play....and they sleep.

Having arrived at their destination, they stop inside the rest area first. Kai and Chanyeol head straight for the massage chairs, while Luhan, Chen and Xiumin stop to get coffee. Chen asks for Luhan to buy him coffee because he has no money of his own. could you not? You're Exo, you must be banking some sort of a check. Regardless, Chen begs his Hyung to buy him coffee in his cute way but right before Luhan gives in...Kris comes on camera stating "I have big news!" Oh? What could this big news be? Kris has also forgotten to bring his wallet. What? Isn't a wallet something you bring with you no matter where you go? Do you think this would stop Chen's begging? Nope! He listens to Kris' news and goes right back to begging Luhan to buy him coffee.

If there's one thing I've learned about Luhan it's that he's got a sassy quality to him that makes him entertaining to watch. We saw it in Episode 2 when Lay accidentally calls him a "cheap" man and Luhan jumps to his own defense. We saw it again in Episode 3 when Xiumin outs Luhan for buying a hat for himself rather than for Chanyeol's birthday and we see it again here...

However, in the end, our Sassy Hyung buys Chen a coffee.

What I find hilarious is that not only is Kris-Appa and Chen mooching off their fellow member but elsewhere in the rest stop, DO is mooching off Suho-Eomma and Suho just simply hands over his card as if he expected this.

Apparently there is no-muss-no-fuss with Mommy. Not going to lie, through watching Exo Showtime I've grown to really appreciate Suho--along with all the other leader's of any group. For the longest time, Super Junior's Leeteuk was the only leader that really showed his leadership in public so I just assumed it was Leeteuk being Leeteuk but it's nice to know that other Leaders take their roles just as seriously. 

Eventually they all gather around and start eating/drinking together and they all share their individual orders with each other and it's all sweet and cute until...wait a minute...someone's missing...It seems that it's common practice to leave Tao behind (i.e. episode 1) because he's fast asleep in the car.  Lay on the other hand is not with the rest of the group because he's still ordering food. Watching him order food is comical because I don't know if it's just his way of talking or his struggle with the Korean language but he sounds out almost every syllable while he orders. I swallow a gag as he orders "Cow Head Soup" which could totally mean something different than what I'm picturing in my head but since I'm not one to discriminate against other culture's food, I won't say anything more on this. Admittedly, it doesn't look too bad though...

While Chen attempts to throw away garbage and go to the bathroom, Kris, Luhan and Xiumin all call him over and ask him to buy them sausages--wait...didn't he just ask you to buy him coffee because he has no money? Chen, the little stinker, attempts to pull out his wallet to buy the sausages but discovers that he's lost it. The next scene was probably the most truly caring thing I've ever seen them do--and you know it's not scripted!

Why is it so sweet? Because without hesitation they all get up and start to help him look for it. Like..there was no second thought, they just did it. Seriously, my love for Exo keeps growing.

Of course, after this touching member scene they have together...we find out that Luhan, Kris and Xiumin have Chen's wallet. Chen had apparently given it to a manager for safe keeping and the manager in turn decided to play a joke and involve the other three. The manager gives the wallet to Luhan who says "Oh, we can buy anything we want!"

Back to Chen wondering where his wallet would think he would remember giving it to the manager...and the rest of the guys checking their pockets. Kai pointedly says "Why are you guys feeling yourself up?" And Baekhyun says "In case we picked it up." So one half of Exo is anxiously looking for their fellow member's wallet while the other half is excitedly watching the show from a distance. Can't decide if this is cute or funny! We'll just go with both! So then Chanyeol, being a good dongsaeng, apologizes to Chen and hands over his wallet saying "You can have mine." By now the wicked three have come back to the main group only to witness the reaction Chen has to Chanyeol's generosity. Chen now believes that Chanyeol has his wallet because of his generous offer of giving up his own wallet. Aww..poor Chanyeol! Chanyeol goes from being offended to playfully adorable in three seconds flat!

Which of course doesn't make him look any less guilty!

But the truth eventually comes out and Chen takes it graciously. There are a lot of "ya"'s that come out of his mouth but Luhan stands by his statement "We were just keeping it safe". Ah-huh...

After this point, they finally get to the beach where most of them run straight for the ocean line.

It starts off all fun and games and cuteness and chasing waves but then...the members start trying to get others wet and it becomes a viciously cute game of who will fall first...At, first they target Suho who...unexpectedly...puts up a good fight. He's able to take on 4 of the members tackling him before they give up and decide that Exo should all just go into the water together. It doesn't happen but it was a good sentiment nonetheless. They all run away at the last minute with soaking feet. Chen even pulls off one of his shoes and releases the water that is stuck inside.

Now we've reached the good part: Game time--who will lose and have to end up in the ocean? They start coming up with ideas on what to do for the game: 6x6 relay run? 6x6 dance battle--which seems incredibly unfair to any team who has to go against Kai (even though all of Exo are great dancers..but let's be serious...Kai...Kai...Kai?) Those just aren't fair odds! Luckily, they chose a relatively fair game--one I'll do my best to describe.  The game is "Don't Let The Branch Fall"...? We'll go with that. The object is to well..not let the branch fall. So basically, they put a stick in a pile of sand and slowly begin to take swipes out of the pile but you have to be careful because if you take too much sand, the branch will fall down. So they start with the two oldest members, Xiumin & Luhan, who take huge chunks of sand right off the bat! Because they lined up by oldest to youngest, it's most likely that one of the Maknae's will end up toppling the branch. Kris is up next and he very manly flicks a small chuck of sand from the remaining pile but gets scolded so he goes in for a second flick. Upon getting scolded again, Kris grabs a handful of sand and flings it in the opposite direction...

Suho goes next and miraculously removes a quarter of the sand that's left and manages to leave the branch standing. If it keeps going like this, it won't get to one of the Maknae's but somewhere in the middle...

Lay and Baekhyun are both able to remove sand without toppling the banch but we're only halfway through...Everyone predicts that Chen will lose it next but he's able to remove sand safely! Good thing too, the poor boy already "lost" his wallet, does he really need to get soaked in freezing ocean water too? Chanyeol safely removes sand leaving only four of the members left..I'm shocked it even made it this far. DO makes it...god, my palms are starting to sweat...Tao barely makes it and now we're down to the two Maknae's...

Kai manages to barely remove sand! The branch waves with the wind but stands strong and in place leaving only Sehun left...but he makes it through! How? I'm not sure. starts back up again with Xiumin. Now I'm convinced one of the Hyung's is gonna have to take a dip in the water rather than the Maknae's.

And I'm's Luhan that has to take the dip! That's what you get for the wallet prank earlier! What's that "Standing Still" U-Kiss line again...? "So cold when you do it to me like that...Frostbite but Karma's gonna bite back"? Yup...and in this case, Karma is the salty ocean Luhan! The other members tell him he has to go in until he's waist deep but he begs to not have to go in alone. Members being as nice as they are decide that they'll do Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who will go with the poor Hyung.

Ok...brief side note: It took me a long while to figure out how Korean's played Rock-Paper-Scissors with more than 2 people. It can take more than 20+ tries but here is how it works: They keep going and going and going until eventually one person beats the whole group or a group of people beat the whole group. Example: On the 24th attempt, Kris, Xiumin, Sehun, Chanyeol, Baekhyun & Chen all played Scissors while the rest of the group played paper which means, these six members beat the other five since no one could break their scissors with a rock. Does that make sense? 

Anyone else think Kris' reaction was adorable? I appreciate his cold nature more when I see these types of scenes/reactions come from himAnd then...the inevitable happened...four scissors were played and only one paper...who is the unlucky member to have to jump into the freezing cold water with Luhan?

Kai...who just stares at his unlucky hand...

So despite his miraculous branch escape he ends up having to go in the water anyway--does anyone else find it ironic that the original plan of a dance off was ex-nayed and the notably best two dancers have to take the dip? (I say "notably" since they both were in the Younique Maxstep group which is composed of SM's best dancers) The best part...Kai actually continues to stare at his hand in disbelief for a full minute while the rest of the members celebrate! When the members start forcibly taking off his mic, Kai asks himself "Why did I show that?" Meaning, why did I play paper...

Luhan tries to convince everyone to go in because Exo's standing introduction "We are one, Exo" but Chanyeol's quick-fire rebuttle is "Do you want to go in alone?" But it doesn't take long before everyone starts volunteering Suho to get in the water as well because he's the leader. At first he says "Why do I have to? I won too!" But ultimately, it's the "leader" part that convinces Suho to get in the water.

Luhan changes and takes off his coat but Kai and Suho both keep their coats on. Luhan, who just wants to get it over with, walks confidently towards the water and ushers his Dongsaengs with a sharp "Kaja!" However, we learn that Suho was totally bluffing and had no intention of jumping in. That is..until Chanyeol makes an announcement. He tells everyone that as leader, Suho will take the polar plunge with his members because he is one to keep his promises. Chanyeol sneakily slips in this little guilt trip but Suho says "Ok but if Exo-K's leader has to go in, what about Exo-M's?" To which we get to see a very surprised Kris...

I just want to note that while Luhan is in rolled up pants and a T-shirt, prepared for his epic submersion into cold water, Xiumin (freeze baby that he is) looks extremely chilled in his jacket.
Kris, having heard Suho's question, attempts to leave but he's quickly grabbed by Kai. But either way, Kris isn't having it and opts out. That would have been fun to see...

As the three make their way to the frigid water, echos of "Fighting" can be heard behind them and into the sea they went...

Kudos to Kai and Suho because they went all in but Luhan was having none of that and I don't blame him. I would have been in and out as quick as possible. Luckily though, all the of the members were waiting on the beach with towels to help warm and dry their three cold members. 

As a bonus, we got to see Chen's POV camera he'd been shooting throughout the entire trip. He is seriously my favorite!

That about wraps up Exo Showtime Episode 5! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. With each episode, my love for these twelve boys continues to grow. I wish them all the happiness and joy they deserve in 2014 and continue to impress their fans with their greatness. See you next time! 

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