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Exo Showtime

It's time...Exo Shometime! We'll finally get to figure out how to tell them apart! There are no interviewers, no pre-written scripts, it's just all Exo as they are....and we're totally loving it!

Annyeonghaseyo EXOtics!

So Exo had the first episode of their new show air this week and let me be the first to say that it's off to a strong start. It started off a little slow but let's be serious, what new show doesn't? It picks up pretty quickly and soon you're laughing along with the members and enjoying the minutes passing by.

If you've seen any of their interviews, you know that the Exo members all exude charm in their own way; some are funny like Chanyeol, some a aegyo pros such as Xiumin and then you have Kris...the "cold" one but no less endearing in his own sweet way.

Photobomber Taeminnie!
Actually, I'm pretty excited for the show because I love Exo mainly for their music because I don't really know much about them--aside from what they talk about in their interviews, which isn't much. Much like Super Junior, it's hard to get close to this group because there are so many members and keeping them all straight is quite the task. Well, Exo battles this very topic in the beginning! One fan submitted a question wherein she asked for the members to help their fans distinguish between each of them. For this the producers even pulled in TVXQ's Yunho and Changmin as well as Super Junior's Eunhyuk and Donghae to help explain how THEY keep everyone straight. SHINee's Taemin even makes a photobomber's appearance! This is actually pretty funny because as Changmin is trying to name the members of Exo when our Taeminnie sneaks his way in to try to confuse him:

By the end of the skit, the viewers are actually left with a pretty clear picture of who is who!

Exo K

From Left to Right:
Sehun, Suho, Chanyeol, 
D.O., Kai and Baekhyun

  1. Sehun: "Sharp jawline" I remember him because he looks like a "bad boy" like he's always willing to get into trouble. 
  2. Suho: "Handsome forehead" He's also the most charming...if that helps...?
  3. Chanyeol: "Male god with fairy-like ears" they also compare him to Yoda, but for me, it's his "innocent" face. He just looks like he'd never get into trouble.
  4. D.O.: "Heart shaped lips and white eyes" I think he's one of the most distinctive members all on his own. 
  5. Kai:  "Not dark, but bronze skin" plus, he resemble's SHINee's Taemin very if you ever watch an Exo performance and suddenly you think Taemin's on the screen...nope, it's Kai
  6. Baekhyun: "When he smiles his mouth forms a rectangle" Also, I think he looks like the "baby" of the group...
Exo M

From Left to Right:
Kris, Xiumin, Luhan, 
Lay, Chen and Tao
  1. Kris: "The cold guy" he is also very distinctive on his own, but yeah, he's the standoffish one.
  2. Xiumin: "Round eyes with single eyelids" I think he's one of the most distinctive: very fine features
  3. Luhan: "Sparkly eyes like a Deer" Honestly, I consider him also the baby of the group and I find it hard to distinguish between Luhan and Baekhyun
  4. Lay:  "Deep dimples" I can find him out by way of deduction...if I can't name an Exo member, it's probably Lay...sad but true
  5. Chen: "Camel Dinosaur who sings with his cheekbones" Also, the corners of his lips have a very sharp incline.
  6. Tao: "Looks somewhere in between Shin Hyun Jun and Kang Dong Won" he also has the darkest circles under his eyes and is knowns as "Exo's Panda". 

After the audience was given the quick tips on how to figure out the members, they were prompted chicken. Actually, this seemed like it'd be kind boring for a skit but it turned out to be highly entertaining! First things first however, I must give MAD props to three of the members:

 Baekyun, Kris and Xiumin! The hand muscles it must take to be able to actually eat a fried chicken leg with chopsticks is incredible! I somehow feel like this will become a game between my husband and I soon because it just doesn't seem possible!

Moving on to the actual skit: Kai is known for being a chicken eater--as in he LOVES eating chicken (there should be a Kai vs. Onew challenge at some point...) and each member was given a whole chicken (fried) to eat and see who: 1) finishes the fastest and; 2) finishes the most. While each member dived into their chicken, Kris was very reluctant to eat his portion. Now if you know Kris, you know he's known for being extremely healthy, to the point that he takes several vitamins a day to keep up his health. But after smelling it and hearing the members talk about how great it is, he slowly (almost sheepishly) decides to pick up a pieces and can be seen silently nibbling  a piece. It doesn't take long for all the members to see this and start razzing him about it. I think the cold one is the most easily embarrassed, which would explain his normally cold side. Awww...Cheer Up Kris, we love you!

Anyway, this episode finale was based off a fan question. The question prompted each of the members to perform a "loving" wink. Some failed utterly miserably but there were some pretty good ones which I will post below to close out this blog!

These are the runner-ups!
Suho was the first to go and actually, I felt like he had the best one: It was charming, sweet, sly...the kind of wink a woman would love to receive when being flirted with. Go Suho for your manly charms!
Suho Winking
Of course, Sehun did pretend to vomit afterwards so maybe my opinion is skewed...?

Another runner up is Chanyeol! Chanyeol is the goofy one but he's actually quite the sly stud himself! Check out his winking...
Chanyeol Winking
Uwa! So smooth!

Of course this is right before Chanyeol  begins to tease his fellow member, Chen, for resembling a camel. Chanyeol tells Chen he should wink like a camel, slow and articulated so when prompted, Chanyeol shows him how a camel would wink....take a look...
Chanyeol Imitating a Camel
Not a bad imitation, actually!
Which of course solidified him as the most funny in this episode and everyone laughed uproariously! Myself included.

But in the end, despite the cute, serious and sexy winks that each of the twelve members exhibited, it was Kris who finally became the winner for this skit. Kris, his shy self, actually messed up twice trying to wink while imitating Suho but his members took pity on him and dubbed him the King of Winking anyway, lets see his wink!
Kris Winking

It wasn't so much that he messed up the wink portion, but he had tried to say "Excuse me, do you want to come over" but the position of the cup made him almost inaudible. So much so that the members had to ask what he had said....after laughing, of course. On the second attempt, he picked up his cup and spilled it over his hand which brought on another round of laughter.

Aigoo...our shy Kris was able to finally come out of his shell after the chicken skit so that by the end of the winking skit, he was fully participating with the other members and looked to be enjoying himself. I hope more of this will come out in future episodes.

Overall, the show I think was a complete least as far as the first episode is concerned. The members were open, they were funny and they made watching the show enjoyable. The awkwardness of the beginning quickly faded into hilarity and I am very much looking forward to the next episode!

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