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Exo Showtime Episode 4

 Gift-Giving, playful teasing and...crying? On this week's Exo Showtime, we see a whole new, softer side of our manly werewolves.

Annyeonghaseyo EXOtics! 

For the preview of this Episode there were tears involved and as we all know, the quickest way into a fangirl's heart is through crying so I know I wasn't the only one excited for this episode! Added to the tears was the fact that it was Christmas themed and obviously that didn't hurt. The episode opens up with all the boys sitting in a living room and I just want to note that Sehun was excitedly dancing on the end of the couch which was cute. Everyone is singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" while a bunch of presents sat off to the side on a table. 

Suho starts by asking what they all did for Christmas last year and Chanyeol answers saying they only made cake last year and watched a movie. Suho nods his head and says "Why don't we exchange gifts this year?" Baekhyun chimes in with "I've prepared!" Oh, Baekhyun, it's not you we're worried about. I wonder what Kai & Sehun bought this time...? Turns out it's Tao we have to we worried about because he says "I bought something cheap." But Chanyeol's sweet self steps in and says "Money isn't important." 

They decide to give gifts according to the time honored tradition of....kawi-bawi-bo or Rock-Paper-Scissors. Chanyeol lightly teases about a black bag sitting on the table and asks "Who brought the kimbap?" (rice & veggie rolls) and it turns out Lay brought Tteokbokki (rice cakes in sweet pepper sauce) saying "It's my favorite dish from Korea", awww, Lay's gift has heart in it which endeared him to me a little more. Chanyeol says because Exo is so big, they decided not to buy anything over 10,000 won ($9) which, admittedly, is a good idea especially if there is 12 people. They dash the Kawi-Bawi-Bo idea and decide to just draw names instead. So who's ever name you get, you open the gift they brought. So, Baekhyun (who was first) opens Sehun's we all remember last week's episode? Sehun states Baekhyun will be surprised...I bet he will. Turns out it's Bubble Tea which I can only imagine has an interesting taste to it. Sehun points at Baekhyun as if it say "Got you" and it's cute. 

They ask him why he got "bubble" tea and he says he likes it and wanted to share it with someone but a few seconds later, it turns out Chen had immediately started drinking the second tea so poor Sehun doesn't get any. It was a nice gift though! As fate would have it, Sehun pulled Chen's name and received a gift from him. Sehun gets the box and teases Chen about it being a coupon and lo'n'behold, it's actually a ticket to see a movie. Chen says "We always want to see movies but can't because of our schedule." Another well thought out gift! 

Chen pulled Baekhyun's name which promptly made Baekhyun choke on some of Sehun's bubble tea in surprise. Baekhyn tells Chen he'll be surprised because it's ten layers which makes us all wonder what's inside. Chen pulls out a couple of layers before going "Oh!" but doesn't reveal what's in the box right away. What we do see is Baekhyun saying is "Nae Sajin" or "My photos" and Baekhyun does a little hip-cocking pose with a snapped finger before sitting down next to Chen and putting his head on Chen's shoulder all Aegyo-like. 

Kai says "How is this 10,000 won?" and Baekhyun says "I've got 10,000 in m pocket but there is a message". Chen reads off the message and it says "Am I pretty? I am yours from now on." Chen takes it gratefully and laughs. Kris pulls Lay's name and Lay explains why he bought tteokbokki: during their training days, they'd be starving for food and they'd buy tteokbokki. Kris reminiscences about his first time eating tteokbokki and that it was actually Lay who bought it for him. They grab each other's hands in a very manly-thank-you gesture that, despite it's lack of Baekhyun-frivolity, actually seems quite sincere between the two members. Awww! Lay pulls Kai's name and everyone does a verbal drumroll as Lay opens it. It's fish bread. Lay has a memory that goes along with this as well; during training days, across the way from the tteokbokki place was the bread store which he also used to frequent. Lay says "Jal Badatsumnida" meaning he received the gift well. So far all these gifts are well thought out cheap gifts, makes me wish everyone could exchange gifts like this and derive meaning from it. 

Kai drew Kris' name and Kai immediately exclaims loudly after opening the box which catches everyone's attention. 

Kai announces that it's Hanu (beef) and Chanyeol quickly corrects him saying it's pork and Kai says "mwo-ya?" (basically, what the heck?) to which Kris replies with "Mwo-ya??" It's actually pretty entertaining but Kai receives the gift well and they move on. 

Chanyeol receives Tao's gift panda post-its. Chanyeol tries to hide his disappointment by saying he'll write letters to his parents. Tao gets Luhan who quickly says "You are lucky today!" Uh-oh, what did Luhan buy? Luhan says he bought it for all the members and Chanyeol quickly says "Let's share it!" Tao says he doesn't want to share it and Luhan quickly goes to take the gift back--Go Luhan! They all guess that it's food and they're right! It's bread. I wanted to shake Tao for looking so disappointed especially after the gift that he gave but I forgive him because he's a maknae--although his disappointed face is palpable. 

I'm thinking this is going to end up being a feast at the end of the gift-giving between the pork, tteobokki, and breads, all that's missing is come Kimchi and bean sprouts! Luhan explains that he got bread so that each of the 12 members could share it together, which is an honorable reason to buy bread! It was suppose to be a gift for everyone. Luhan gets Xiumin and Xiumin says it's not something you can eat and it's not a coupon either. Oh! What is it?? Luhan opens the gift and immediately states it's something he needed: socks! Xiumin gets Chanyeol. Xiumin exclaims that it's heavy and Suho teases that it's a dictionary but Chanyeol says that it'll fit Xiumin-hyung very well. It's "The Little Prince". Xiumin receives the gift well and they hug.

All that's left is Suho and D.O. D.O. opens his gift and it's a book--don't know which one specifically but they joke about it being a "Guide to being a Successful Adult". He looks slightly disappointed which I'm learning to accept is just a normal face for D.O. and doesn't necessarily mean anything. Suho opens his and it's vitamins (I think, unless my Korean-reading is wrong). The members tease Suho about the book he got D.O. saying "Did you buy that specifically for D.O.?" and D.O. asks Suho if he's actually read the book and judging by his "Oh?" I would assume that he hasn't. Suho states that he bought it for all the members but was actually thinking of Sehun when he bought it. (Sehun is the maknae of Exo with Kai only being 3 months older). Everyone seemed interested in the book because they kept talking about it until Tao asked if they were done and if they could eat. Guess that bread is starting to look good, huh? They all dig in: 

Side Note: Because it seems pertinent to the next scene, I just want to say the PD's put some very good music with the last two episodes--some very good OSTs made it into the episodes including "The Master's Sun"'s opening theme and Lee Hong Ki's "I'm Saying" from Heir's. Ok...moving on...

The next scene jumps to a picture of Tao crying with Exo's "Miracles of December" playing in the background, then it's a montage of all of the members crying and mixed with the song, I know I wasn't the only one to start getting teary eyed! This episode's question is: With the power of strength (referring to Exo's Mama MV) & the nickname of 'Dyodoreu', is Exo's D.O. the strongest out of the 12 of them?  (I'm not sure what Dyodoreu means, I apologize). After showing the question, the next scene is of D.O. looking dumbstruck as the rest of the members answer the question. 

Baekhyun: He is not the strongest. Chanyeol: Xiumin-hyung is great at arm wrestling. D.O. has good fists. So Suho asks D.O. directly, "do you think you are the strongest?" Uh-oh, them fightin' words Mommy! However, without hesitation, D.O. confidently admits he doesn't think he's the strongest. They ask him why and he says he doesn't know but he hits Baekhyun a lot. Baekhyun sides with Chanyeol and says that Xiumin is the strongest but D.O. is good at hitting people. Kai jumps in saying that Lay is pretty strong and that Lay & Xiumin have been arm wrestling lately. Which of course, sounds like a challenge so they arm wrestle with left arms to make it more fair since they're all right-handed. 

Round One
  • Kris v. Baekhyun = Kris wins with barely any contest.
  • Luhan v. Lay (anyone else think this pairing was unfair? Luhan immediately lifts Lay's arm and announces him as the winner) = Lay wins in less than a second (obviously)
  • Suho v. Kai = Suho
  • Chen v. Tao = Tao (but only after Chen wins the first time and Tao asks for a rematching saying Chen's grip was too hard)
  • Sehun v. D.O. (Umm..was anyone else surprised by the music played in the background for this wrestling match?) = Sehun won almost instantly
  • Xiumin v. Chanyeol = (after much struggle on figuring out how they were going to hold hands, and Chanyeol adjusting his seating multiple times) Xiumin just starts playing with him by bending his arm back and forth going "Oh! Oh!" which prompts Chanyeol to say "I'm not absolutely weak". Xiumin wins.
Round Two
  • Kris v. Lay = Lay wins with almost no contest...I'm hoping this comes down to Xiumin and Lay cause I'm very curious who'll win! 
  • Tao v. Suho = (Chanyeol teases that Suho should upper cut Tao with his right hand and causes everyone to laugh) but despite his best efforts, Suho loses and Tao wins. The force of which Suho's hand hits the table causes him to swear and them to bleep out his word--it's actually pretty comical. 

  • Xiumin v. Sehun = Sehun puts on his best "Come at me Bro" face and Baekhyun says the situation is heating up now but as soon as they start, it's apparent who's going to win by how quick Xiumin starts playing with Sehun like he did Chanyeol. Xiumin wins and we move onto round 3. 
Round Three
  • Lay v. Tao = Tao wins first but because he was also pulling Lay across the table, Lay requested a rematch. At this point, Tao gets serious and starts taking off his rings and they switch positions but alas, poor Lay, Tao still wins. 

There is a spontaneous challenge from Kris against Suho--oh no, Mommy and Daddy are fighting at Christmas! But I think it was more of an effort to allow Tao time to recover from his wrestle with Lay before he took on Xiumin. Suho promptly beats Kris with hardly any competition. So it turns into Kris and Chanyeol arm wrestling wherein Chanyeol wins for the first time! Then, since everyone else is on a roll, Sehun challenges Kris. Can't we leave this poor man some dignity?!?!

Final Round
  • Tao v. Xiumin = Confidently and gracefully, Xiumin whomps Tao's strength and takes the final win. 
With the first question being answered (D.O. isn't the strongest, Xiumin is) we finally get to the question we all care about: Who cries the most in Exo? 

Staring over at someone, Kris says "I think we all know who it is." Right as Chanyeol says "It's Tao." Luhan backs up Chanyeol by saying "Watch a scary movie, he'll cry." Kris says "Not just a scary movie, tell him a horror story and he'll cry!" The other members start throwing out other names like Luhan and Baekhyun. Sehun starts teasing Baekhyun but Suho points as Sehun saying "Remember the radio show we went to?" And Kai supplies "It was nothing and he was crying" and the PD's showed the very clip they were talking wherein Sehun does get a little emotional. Baekhyun says that Sehun always cries when he's mad at his Hyung's. He starts to tell a story but Sehun cuts him short and says "Ok, I acknowledge it." Chanyeol says Baekhyun will cry to sometimes and that all O-type hyungs are like that. 

Then out of nowhere, Lay says "Kris cried cause he missed his mom" and everyone "awww"-ed over it and razzed him about it. Kris finally says "When did my cold guy image become this?" Yeah, you can thank Exo Showtime for that Kris. Next is D.O's turn to be teased and leads D.O. to make this face:

As if to say "Just Stop", but nope...its your turn to pay a pound and they all started talking about times D.O. has cried although Sehun supplies that he's never actually seen D.O. cry but knows he's cried in the bathroom after they won an award. They talk about Suho and Xiumin's crying habits which all leads up to Kai. Chen says that Kai's cried after SHINee won awards and Kai & Taemin have cried together. Kai tries to deny it by saying Taemin is the one who cried but Chen says "Don't lie, I have proof." I want to see this proof, Chen! 

Kai is on the left, Taemin on the right
First off, I just want to say how much I love that Kai & Taemin are so close even though they didn't debut together. But this is, in fact, proof of Chen's truthful words. Which brings us to Luhan, Luhan said he cried because he saw Tao crying with an ugly face. Poor Tao! Tao quickly acknowledges it however and admits that he cried. Tao opens up and says he cried because they just had a comeback with Wolf and they all got up early in the morning despite them all being extremely tired. So when they won the award, he was grateful. He also said it was very tiring for him to promote in Korea. So it's decided that Tao cries the most and Xiumin cries the least. 

But to put it to the test, they decide to watch a movie. Tao says it's ok, he won't understand the movie anyway but Chanyeol says it'll be a scary movie. Tao asks if it'll really be a scary movie they're going to watch and Sehun steps in and mockingly says, yes it'll be one with a ghost to which Tao made a mocking face in return: 

But they all settle in to watch the movie--Miracle in Cell No.7 with Park Shin Hye which--by the description--would be an emotional movie. I must note that throughout the entire movie, Chanyeol is just chowing away at the food around him. Lay starts falling asleep halfway through the movie, Chen looks around before he promptly lays his head down Baekhyun's shoulder and falls asleep. 

Kris, Luhan & Suho all start to get tired as well. There is a point during a pivotal part of the movie where the leading man admits something and the crowd in the courtroom become outrage but Tao didn't understand what was said and needed Luhan to explain which was cute because once Tao understood, he became exasperated with the character too. However, the camera moves back over Kris who is wide awake during this part of the movie. I guess something caught his attention. As it turns out, Kris is the first to become emotional. Tao is the first to start shedding tears quickly followed by Luhan and then Kris starts to cry. Sehun, who is sitting between Kris and Luhan, doesn't seem affected at all by the movie. The camera pans to the other couch finally where D.O. is crying, Chen (who's woken up at this point) is crying alongside Baekhyun, then Kai. Actually, Kai and Luhan start looking behind the couches to try to hide them wiping away their tears but they're obviously crying. Lay continues to sleep on the floor, not at all affected by the crying members around him. And...last but not Xiumin who does finally shed a couple tears. Sehun, Chanyeol and Lay are the only two left not crying however, Chanyeol--who is awake--does get emotional, he just doesn't cry. So it finally gets determined that Tao and Luhan cried the most. 

All in all, it was a good episode, between the gift-giving, the arm wrestling and the movie scenes, it was a good episode and I hope they all truthfully had a great Christmas!!!

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    1. Thanks for commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) I think the song you meant, the song playing during Chen reading Baekhyun's message, is "I"m Saying" From FT Island from the (Kdrama) Heir's OST. I hope that's the right one, but the rock song is "Across the Nation" by The Union Underground.

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