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Exo Showtime Episode 3

That's right! It's Chanyeol's birthday and the members are out buying him gifts but in the end...will he even be able to keep them? Read More to see the hilarity that ensues when Exo endeavors to buy each other gifts.

Annyeonghaseyo EXOtics!

The episode opens with a celebration of Chanyeol's birthday. Suho starts off the various video messages to Chanyeol by being a mother-hen and gleefully half-singing him his personal birthday message. Following Suho are the other members; most notable are Kris--being a good, strong Daddy to Suho's Mommy--and Sehun, being the maknae gives a simple "Happy Birthday". Luhan continues to be the Exo Aegyo King and forms a heart with his hands and says "I Love You" sweetly and Tao who tries the same thing but falls short of Luhan's cuteness.

Having arrived at this episode's "spot", ExoK & ExoM exit the cars and greet each other like they haven't seen each other in a long while...don't you together? Mommy and Daddy discuss why they're in Garosu-Kil (Seoul) and Suho announces that they're here to shop for "End Of Year Gifts" for each other but everyone knows it is a ruse--except Chanyeol--because they're actually all there to shop for Chanyeol's birthday gift. It is at this point that Suho decides that they should do the Exo motto before separating into groups to do their shopping. No one looks enthusiastic about doing this on the street but they all indulge Mommy--I mean Suho--and do it anyway with smiles on their faces. I never realize how much Suho & Kris lived up to the Mommy & Daddy titles until I started watching more Exo and to be's quite cute and endearing of both of them. I'm kinda loving it!

They separate into groups to do their shopping but Kai & Sehun get the unfortunate fate of having t shop with Chanyeol. They try to hide their dismayed faces but obviously can't turn him down and Chanyeol looks so happy to be shopping with them both that it's really kind of heartbreaking. While at the first shop, Chanyeol jokingly decides to buy a present for Kai and says "I'm Kai's fan. You should know that" while giving Kai the stare down. Kai pretends to not be burdened by this news because at the end of the day, everyone will have bought Chanyeol a gift and Kai will be the only other member receiving a gift from Chanyeol himself. Sehun takes this opportunity to say that they should all just tell each other what they want and make it easier. Sneak-Sneaky, Sehun but so smart!

They start with Chanyeol who immediately announces he wants a necklace or a furry hat and points to a hat in the store that he wants. However, while Chanyeol is trying on the hat, Sehun & Kai sneak out of the store so they can shop freely without him. This actually kind of hurts Chanyeol's feelings--you can see it all over his face--it's ok, Chanyeol, it's all for a good reason!! While evading Chanyeol, Sehun & Kai get separated but end up joining back up and discuss if they should go back to buy Chanyeol that hat but it turns out neither of them have any money with them. ya'll went shopping with no money? *sigh* 

Meanwhile, Baekhyun & Chen debate buying Chanyeol a jacket priced at 24,000 won then realize it's actually 240,000 won ($216) They were least until they saw the 30% off tag. Baekhyun tries on a leather jacket and decides he wants it for himself and not so much Chanyeol and when he asks Chen how he looks while doing a pose, Chen falls to the ground and just laughs at him. Have I told you how much I love Chen's laugh? 

We bounce over to Kris (Daddy) & Tao who enter a store full of jackets--Me thinks Chanyeol is going to get double gifts--wherein Tao asks Daddy to buy him a jacket stating he has a lot of money. Kris responds with "Do I Look Rich?" and I had to refrain of saying "Ahh...Yeah...You Do"...seriously, Kpop idols are so modest sometimes! Despite insinuating that he has no money, Kris tells Tao to try it on and if it looks good, he'll buy it for him. Aww..such a good Hyung! Tao teases Kris by saying "Of course you'll say it looks bad" and Kris says "Yeah, I'm a bad person like that". Kris tries on his own jacket as well. Did we forget why we're shopping boys? Kris turns around to look at a mirror and who is else there but CHANYEOL! It's at this point we realize that Kris, Tao, Chen & Baekhyun are all in the same store and Chanyeol just walked in by himself. Tao tries on a jacket that actually fits him really well...I have to admit. 

But, Kris, of course, thinks it's looks feminine and says it doesn't look good. Despite the jacket actually looking very good on Tao. Kris doesn't buy it for him. Mean Daddy...*tsk* Kris & Tao leave shortly thereafter and are no closer to figuring out what to get Chanyeol. 

Back to Sehun & Kai, they went back to the store to figure out the price of the hat and realize it was 60,000 won ($54) and they both suck in a painful breath. Sehun decides they can't buy him something he wants because then it's no fun....which could partly be true but lets be honest, it's because ya'll went shopping with no money. While they stare at all the expensive hats in the store, Sehun shrugs and decides they should go somewhere an ATM maybe?  They walk a little ways down the street and come across a vendor selling sunglasses and they decide that this is a good place to buy a gift. They explain to the ajumma behind the table that they're buying a gift for their Hyung and she tells them that they have good manners. Of course, this is before Sehun remembers that he only has his card and Kai has no money at all and street vendor's don't accept cards. Seriously..where is Mommy and Daddy right now, these boys need help! They bow respectfully to the Ajummas but are forced to leave. Then suddenly Kai sees a store that might have hidden's a convenient store....Seriously, where is Kris or Suho right now? How could they leave the two Maknae's on their own like this? So they go from a hat, to sunglasses to contact lens solution and neosporin...I can't wait to see Chanyeol's face when he opens their gifts. Watching these two boys laugh was hysterical! It was the kind of laughs that were silent and you know they were laughing really hard.  

Kai ends up pulling out some gloves saying "It's been really cold lately and he has no gloves" which spurred on another bout of laughing before realizing all these items they were picking up equaled exactly 5,000 won ($4.50).  

They decide to add coffee to the list of random items they're gifting Chanyeol with and pat themselves on the back at the counter by saying: 

Kai: After buying Chanyeol-hyung's gifts, I feel happy.
Sehun: I feel more at ease.
Kai: I think he can enjoy these gifts without feeling burdensome.
All these random items total 7,100 won ($6.39). *shakes head* What're you gonna do, they're maknaes. 

We go back to Kris and Tao who enter a store and while they're lazily looking around, their song "Growl" comes up on the sound system. Kris tells the shop-keeper that this store has good sense and both Tao and Kris start singing along with the song. Kris says "how about this" to a random rack holding miscellaneous items, onc of which is bikini underwear to which Kris gives an uncharacteristic snicker too and the audience gets a sudden vision of Chanyeol opening a gift of bikini underwear...hell, it'd still be better than Sehun & Kai's gift! *chuckles* So what does he do? He picks out some Spongebob boxers, I'm beginning to think Chanyeol is just going to get a bunch of gag gifts, which would be hilarious! Daddy, you're suppose to be a good influence! Kris finds out the underwear is 54,000 won ($48) and decides that's too much. And for a pair of boxers, that is true! He tries to backtrack saying "It's not that I don't have money", it's just it's expensive for a piece of underwear, no worries, Daddy, we totally understand!

They go to another store--which even to me, looks expensive--and there they find a life-sized teddy bear in floral print and in a spontaneous moment of hilarity, Kris decides to take a picture with it while mimicking the bear's pose:

Kris says he looks like a fool...I think he's showing his fans that he's got a fun, charming side. To-may-toe, To-mah-toe, I guess.

Finally, we're hitting some of the other members at this point; Xiumin & Luhan! They stopped for coffee and are now trying to decide what to get Chanyeol. They also decide a hat is the way to go for Chanyeol and end up in the same shop that Sehun, Chanyeol & Kai were all at earlier in the episode. Good call, guys! Now...will they pin-point the hat that Chanyeol wanted? Luhan decides he's going to buy a hat for himself as well but when prompted, the boys actually point out the hat next to the one that Chanyeol wanted! So close but nope, they pass it by without another thought saying it looks similar to one he already has. That's right about the time Lay comes walking in. How small is the district of Garosu-kil? They discuss what hat they're going to buy and Lay says he's looking at some too and Xiumin teases that Lay is looking for himself. Playfully affronted, Lay insists it's for Chanyeol (Don't worry, Lay, you wouldn't be the only one shopping for yourself) but Xiumin, comedian that he is, points to Luhan and says "He's buying for himself" which immediately shocks Luhan that he got outed by his hyung. 

It doesn't take long for something to grab Luhan's attention and what is it? A koala hat which he tries on and looks utterly adorable in! It's amazing how close these members truly are because not even a minute later Xiumin picks up the hat that Chanyeol & Sehun attempted to try on earlier but found out it was a child's hat and it didn't fit their heads. However, it slides effortlessly onto Luhan's head. Well, I'm not surprised, Luhan is by far the petite-est out of all of the members. The hat is in the shape of a wolf which prompts Luhan to dance "Wolf" while wearing it. Despite liking the Wolf hat, Luhan buys the Koala hat instead and walks out of the store with it on. 

Oh poor Chanyeol, he's still shopping for Kai and pulls down a Michael Jackson coffee mug--he's sincerely going to buy poor Kai a gift and Kai won't even have spent any money on him, I wonder who's going to feel burdened now! Chanyeol even wrote a note to go with it. Oh my god...Poor Kai...

We've reached the end of the shopping scenes because the next thing we see is a bunch of wrapped gifts on a table. They have all the members grouped into a small room and the PD tells them they're going to do the gifts individually, starting with Chanyeol. Chanyeol maintains his Happy Camp dubbed title of "Reaction King" with his shocked face: 

He walks up to the room with the gifts and sees the "Happy Birthday" banner. He learns that the gifts are for him and he thanks everyone. He catches on pretty quick and guesses that the members can see him, which is comforting because I'm not sure how he'd take Sehun & Kai's gifts but at least he knows he's being watched. They tease him for not being sincere in his thank-you's but I think he's just so surprised that he's not quite sure what to do. You can tell he feels slightly relieved when he's able to piece together why nobody wanted him around, so we can all breath a sigh of relief knowing he's not too upset. Of course, the boys in the back all said they weren't acting, tsk tsk tsk

He starts to open his gifts and the PD turns it into a game--he can only keep the gift if he can correctly ascertain who bought it for him. He chooses the biggest gift first which turns out to be a monster hoodie, complete with monster teeth on the pockets and monster ears on the hood. It's nice to know someone bought him a well thought out gift! He guesses its from an ExoM member and decides on Chen....and got it right. Chen looks secretly pleased. 

Next is the wolf-hat; Chanyeol guesses Luhan and he's so close but it was Lay who bought him the hat. He looks so disappointed about losing the hat. Even Chen said it could be confusing because they were all in the store. Next is the actual hat he really wanted from the original store and now he's even more confused about who got it because Sehun & Kai were all in the store with him when he said he wanted it. Oh no...poor Chanyeol, this would be difficult! He looks so distraught has he tries to figure out who got him the hat because he doesn't want to lose it. He starts negotiating with the PD saying "Can you at least tell me if it's from K or M?" Suho looks like he wants to help him but Chanyeol guesses....Kai. Noooooo Chanyeol! It's Xiumin who bought him the hat. We find out at this point that Xiumin bought two hats, the original plan was to have Chanyeol pick one and he'd just keep the other one. Oh poor Chaneyol...

At this point Chanyeol is so upset by losing both hats that he unthinkingly unwraps the next gift, in a plain brown bag, and rolls the gift into his hand and doesn't hesitate to say "Suho-hyung". We don't even know what it is yet, Chanyeol! Well luckily for him, he saw Suho looking at this gift earlier and had Chanyeol even try it on before he bought it. He thanks Suho before moving on to the next gift. The next gift is in a nice pretty bag with a drawing on the side which makes Chanyeol instantly think it's Kai's. And he's right...but he hasn't even opened it yet..Open it Chanyeol! Sehun & Kai are laughing at the back because they know what's inside. In the card, Sehun & Kai tell him it cost them 6 billion won--an obvious exaggeration--but nothing beats all three of their expressions when he finally sees what's inside.  

He's holding bandages
But he takes it graciously and says  "You guys are the best". Phew! Suho-Mommy says "So between the two of you, you spent 10,000 won?" And Sehun says "What are you saying, we only spent 7,100" and Kai & Sehun guffaw in the back. See, Mommy & Daddy can't leave these two alone by themselves! Next is another hat, oh no...will he lose out on this one too? He guesses it's an ExoM member and suspects it may be Tao but then says "Tao doesn't have very good sense". Tao, sitting in the back, immediately looks offended...Oh Chanyeol *shakes head* You're about to lose out again, m'dear! And he guesses Lay...the other members instantly wave goodbye to the hat knowing it actually came from Tao. Chen reflects "This isn't giving him birthday presents, this is torture"--We all agree with you, Chen. Chanyeol says "This is harder than college entrance exams". 

He looks pained by opening the next gift, which is a beanie. For a kid who loves hats and having missed out on the last three, he can't lose this one. He decides it's either Kris or Tao...ugh...this is painful. The other members are seriously starting to take pity on Chanyeol and Kai says "Can't we go upstairs now?" He guesses the beanie came from Luhan and he's right--thankfully! 

He finally opens the bag with the matching pants to the monster hoodie. He thinks back saying "Chen. Who was with Chen?" Smart Cookie! He rightly guesses Baekhyun and wins the matching pants. Yay! Next he pulls out a t-shirt and...underwear? Haha, Kris bought the underwear for Chanyeol! Chanyeol says it's either from Kris or Tao and Xiumin states "When will he say my name?" He goes with Kris and gets the items. Kris secretly looks pleases for being picked. 

The next gift is a stuffed giraffe and (I proudly admit) even before we see who actually bought it, I guessed D.O. I hope Chanyeol has the same insight! He says it could be from Xiumin, Lay, Tao, and kind of tacks on D.O. for good measure. D.O. sullenly tells the TV "You're wrong. Just leave and go home." Oh, poor D.O. Suho-Mommy wraps his arm around a pouting D.O. 

He guesses Lay and of course he's wrong...he leans back in frustration. Yeah, I'd be frustrated too! With that, all the gifts are opened.  The members start talking about getting refunds and D.O. sadly says "You kept all your receipts, right?" Chanyeol is pleading with the PD's saying "You're just kidding and I get to keep all of these, right?" and "Can you give me one more chance? I'll work hard." While he's pleading with the PD's the other members are getting the cake and candles ready. They come in singing happy birthday and razz him about not guessing right--Chen suggests he make his wish quickly and wish that he can keep all the gifts. D.O. picks up his giraffe and tells him "Why could you not get this right?" to which I agree.  After all the fuss, he does eventually get to keep everything and Xiumin lets him choose which hat he actually wants. Seriously, Xiumin is quickly working himself up the Exo Ranks in my mind and fast becoming one of my favorites. 

That's right about the time Chanyeol gives his gift to Kai and reads the card out loud:
"Hello Kai! It's Chanyeol-hyung. I said I'd buy you a present but you didn't really think I would, right? You always work harder than us being a dancer. Thank you for always showing us your bright side and always thinking of our members. I'm so proud of you. Let's work harder and show a better side of Exo. I will work hard on dancing too. Because it's cold, wear the scarf and keep warm. I love you Kai."
Which is just enough to make Kai feel guilty as hell but it's still very, very sweet.

Which subsequently knocks Kai's hat off...I'm thinking Kai does this a lot (i.e. the ExoK version of Growl, he dropped his hat in the MV as well). The members tell him to go try on the monster outfit and to put on the underwear too--in fact, they insist on making him wear all the gifts, so the wolf hat, the gloves, the glasses, the outfit, etc. And all the members agree, oddly enough, he actually looks pretty good dressed in all of the stuff and honestly...he proves just how adorable he is when he smiles in his new hat.  He thanks all the members and tells them that this is the best birthday of his life. They all put their hands in the middle and throw them up in the air with "Exo, Lets Love!" This brings us back the original question: With Exo having a birthday almost every month, how do you spend each other's birthdays? And some of the answers were: 1) to think of each other's needs and find out what fits them the best; and 2) spending a precious day to get to know each other more! I think these boys know how to appreciate the things they have and that can't be said for everyone who live their lives in the limelight.  You could tell just how close these members were by what they bought for their member and how they interacting with each other. Exo Showtime is continuing to show us great sides of Exo & I can't wait to see more! 

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