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Exo Showtime Episode 2

In this week's episode of Exo Showtime we get a chance to witness a very rare event! One of our favorite Kpop groups get the chance to hang out on the town and enjoy a night off from schedules. Read More to see what our boys decided to do on their night off!

Annyeonghaseyo EXOtics! 

I realize this is late...joesonghamnida, what else can I say but...it's finals week...?

Don't know about you but after the first episode of Exo Showtime, I couldn't wait to see this weeks and I wasn't disappointed...Rather than all the members sitting around a table, in this episode everyone is split up into groups (except DO who preferred to be alone) and gave their fans a small glimpse into what they like to do when their schedules are over. Instead of zipping back and forth between what each group was doing, I'll just talk about what each group did for the entire episode before moving onto the next group, geurae? Daebak! 

The episode opens up with a montage of Exo's daily life; the hustle and bustle between performances, radio shows, airports--and we all know, Exo has some crazy-sasaengs (overly obsessive Kpop fans)--and otherwise proving that Exo is just as busy promoting as any other Kpop group we know.

To start Chanyeol, Tao, Sehun, Baekhyun, and Kris all get out of their van and walk the streets of....HONGDAE of all places! Just in case you weren't aware, Hongdae is the hangout place for young adults! It's club central and on any given night there could be hundreds of people flowing through this district. The reason I was so shocked that the boys ended up in Hongdae was because given Hongdae's popularity, there was NO way they weren't going to be recognized. I feared a crazy Sasaeng  ambush but I was delighted to find out that the special forces weren't required to extract the members from a possibly dangerous situation so...phew! Instead they did a little bit of shopping which was entertaining on two fronts: 1) We got to see them try on hats which gave us a little glimpse into their personalities and; 2) Tao got left behind. Actually, it was pretty comical. As the other four members left the shop and began walking one of the PD's noticed that they were short a person and the cameras shift back to Tao's who is still busy trying on hats when he notices none of his members are in the store. After realize he's alone, he quickly makes his way back to his members and they all decide to go eat. 

Watching them order their food is entertaining in the sense that this is compromise at it's best: I can only imagine with 12 members, having to choose what to eat at any given time can be pretty complicated so I'm sure each member is used to the give and take of ordering food. They decide on Makchang which was a learning experience for both Tao and the audience as we learn the difference between Makchang (large intestines) and Gabchang (small intestines). This is about where I had to pause the show so I could finish eating my own lunch before watching them cook the meal themselves because...well, as a nursing student, I've had to dissect the very things they're eating and once you learn how the intestines work and such, it kinda kills any curiosity in eating the innards of any animal. However, it must be good because although it took over an hour to actually cook the Makchang, it was gone in under ten minutes!

 Between the soup, the lettuce wraps, sausage, rice AND Makchang, I was surprised they could even fit all that food into their tiny (skinny) bodies! Which was why one of the next scenes was one of the highlights of the show...they literally leave the restaurant only to decide to go to ANOTHER eating place to order more food. At this place they get cider and tteokbokki (soft rice cake in sweet, red pepper sauce) which Kris first said he "didn't eat". Then they show you a clip of the previous episode where Kris stated chicken wasn't "his style". But then showed him eating it...the audience had a pretty good laugh when Kris was caught eating tteokbokki not even a minute after saying he doesn't like it. But while I'm on the subject of Kris, he was definitely more active in this episode so I was immensely pleased. They chit-chat about the food they're eating while eating and it's all fun and great until they leave this restaurant and decide to stop by the chicken on a stick cart near their parked van....seriously...these boys can plow through food. I give them props for doing so because Lord knows they need the energy to spend when they dance on stage and quite honestly, they probably don't get to eat much during the day due to their busy schedules so I was glad to see that they were able to eat comfortably after work. 

Moving on to the next group...

Chen, Luhan, Xiumin, and Lay all went bike riding after their schedules. Now between Kris and his group, Lay and his group AND Suho, Kai & DO (which I'll talk about later) everyone indicated that it was bitterly cold outside while filming this....I bring this up because CHEN is wearing shorts while biking! (He's the one wearing the orange jacket) Shorts...in December...what was he thinking? But, to his credit, he didn't complain about the cold ONCE, which shocked the heck outta me.

Eventually their long bike rides leads them to an outside food vendor and they also can be seen eating. Lay tells a story about how he had gone to a restroom near where they were eating when an ajusshi (older man) recognized Xiumin almost immediately. This started a round of razzing wherein Xiumin basically was proclaimed the most popular member of Exo because people recognize him so easily. Not gonna like...his facial features really do stand out, he may not be the most recognizable in my eyes but he definitely is more recognizable than some...*cough*Lay*cough*. This is about the same time you can see Xiumin shaking because he's so cold...poor lil'guy. But I love Xiumin for many reasons, he can sing great, he's pretty to look at, he dances well....and he's funny.
Lay: What's the most burdensome thing anyone has said to you? 
Xiumin: What you're saying right now is the most burdensome. [regarding his popularity]
Oh snap...Chen says the most burdensome is when someone compliments his singing. He says he's not being modest, he just has a lot to learn yet. I give him big props for that because quite honestly, Chen being one of the main vocals, right alongside D.O., could easily live the rest of his life singing as he does now and never have to improve. However, if someone compliments his dancing, he likes it. Hats off to Chen for being a good singer AND dancer--cause...have ya seen 'Growl'? I've also come to realize that out of the 12 members, I enjoy watching Chen laugh the most. He laughs like me; loud guffaws, clapping of the hands and an uncontrollable spine that allows our bodies to flop forward or backwards at a moments notice. Observe...
Chen Laughing
Chen Laughing

 Xiumin asks if Chen thinks he dances better than Suho which causes all of them to laugh.  Luhan tells Chen to answer honestly because "They'll keep it a secret" which made me laugh because I hope they realize that Suho will see this broadcast, of course he will! Secret...*tsk* there are no secrets when it's on camera... Nevertheless, Chen waits a respectable amount of time before answering...of course it's him but covers it quickly by saying Suho dances well and he's trained longer so he knows more than Chen does. Nice save Chen!

At this point, Xiumin is unable to hide the fact that he's extremely cold so being a good dongsaeng, Lay takes off his jacket, stating he's warm from the bike ride, and hands it over to Xiumin who takes it gratefully. Aww...good on Lay. Chen starts up another conversation about how good all the member's Korean is to which Lay, who is Chinese, responds with "Well most of the members are Korean!" Luhan, also Chinese, regurgitates a Korean proverb to which Lay listens to in complete confusion. Praising his own knowledge of Korean, Luhan explains the proverb to Lay in Chinese. Xiumin tells Lay that if he wants to improve his Korean, he should get a girlfriend. We find out this isn't the first time Lay has heard this. His Korean-Speech teacher gave him the same advice. I'm sure all of the Lay-Sasaengs screamed in agony and instantly joined Xiumin anti-fans purely out of spite. By now Xiumin is incredibly cold and his dongsaengs suggest buying him warm packs for their ride home to which he declines. Despite being the oldest Exo member, Xiumin's fine features makes me want to treat him like the Maknae, get that boy some warmers!

They get up to head back to the dorm for tomorrow's schedules but decide to play a game of Kawi-Bawi-Bo or Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who has to clean up after their food--at Luhan's insistence, I might add. Xiumin determines that it's Luhan who will lose and tells the others behind Luhan's back to all choose the same "item". It fails the first time because all four of them threw down scissors but the second time, Luhan inevitably loses with the same scissors decision. I think Luhan instantly becomes suspicious of his two dongsaengs but can't fight the fact that he lost. The cleanup belongs to him. This actually gives Luhan the opportunity to prove just how good his Korean is because Lay, trying to call him a prized-man or "manly" (sang-namja), he actually says ssan-namja which means cheap man. Luhan instantly jumps to correct Lay, it's kind of a cute scene. I don't have subtitles but you can easily see Luhan jump to his own defense:
Lay's Mistake in Sang Namja

This is the last we see of these four.

Next Group/Solo...

D.O., unfortunately, didn't have any really entertaining moments in this entire episode. For his time off, he went to see a movie by himself. We didn't even get to find out which movie he saw. Honestly, there aren't even any note-worthy highlights to his adventure in this episode so I feel extremely guilty by passing by him but....that's exactly what I'm going to do. Mianhae, D.O.!

That leaves us with...

Kai and Suho. Ovaries around the world exploded when Kai and Suho came on screen. Kai calls someone, who he refers to as Noona (older girl/sister) and asks how the "kids" are. He talks about how it's been a few months since he's seen them and he's not sure if they'll recognize him and you feel terrible for him because he's so busy he can't even seen his nieces and nephews...he tells this Noona that he misses her and an hour later we find out who he's talking about...ready for the ovary explosion? It's his puppies; Monggu, Jjanggu & Jjangah. Wait...what? I know, I was expecting kids too but somehow, it's even cuter that it's his dogs that he refers to as his children. Aww... The sheer look of happiness of Kai's face when he sees his dogs come off the elevator instantly reminds me why he's one of the Exo favorites. The kid is adorable... I'm not a dog expert...I'm thinking the puppies are poodles...or a closely related canine but the point is, when he greets them, it's honestly the cutest moment of the entire episode. 

<Ok, so Kai's happy-face isn't the clearest picture but his smile shines brightly and THAT can be seen! Suho and Kai take the kids out for a nighttime stroll. Jjanggu, the largest of the dogs for which Kai lovingly teased him for, takes Suho on the jog of his life. This dog may be a little overweight but boy is he active! He's constantly entangling the other two with his leash and weaving in and out of Suho's legs, it's so entertaining to watch. These guys can dance with the best of them on stage but get a few leashes and some dogs and suddenly, it's a mess.

Suho Entangle in Leashes
Because Jjanggu keeps entangling the other dogs, Kai eventually picks him up and scolds him for not listening in his best fatherly manner which...isn't actually a bad impression of a father. It'd be interesting to see him with kids. To close out their segment, Kai begins trying to make his dogs do tricks, some of which they do just fine...others not so much.

So that was Exo Showtime Episode 2! I honestly believe this show is off to a pretty strong start. There aren't a lot of idle moments--D.O.'s segment notwithstanding--and everyone is pretty forthcoming with their personalities and open to showing them off. One of the best features of this show is none of the Exo members are self-conscious of the fact that there is a camera huddling over them. In fact, none of the members really look at the camera, they seem to be pretty apt at blocking out the fact that they're celebrities and act normal when they want too. Especially especially all the scandals they've been involved lately--none of which are really their fault. Stupid Sasaengs...

Exo Showtime Fighting!

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