Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bad Boys You Can't Help But Love

Almost every Kdrama has them, they're the ones that are immediately tagged as the bad guys; whether it's through their dark and sexy looks or their purely hateful actions towards the main characters--it doesn't matter. All that matters is that they grabbed our attentions and had us hating to love them until the very end...or loving to hate them. Here are my top ten Love-Hate Bad Boys!

Hitting the list off is...

10. Kim Dong Hyeob
(A Gentleman's Dignity)

This ice-breaker character is pretty mild comparatively to some of the others on the list; Kim Woo Bin played this supporting role and although he was mostly annoyingly-lovable, his consistently rebellious nature (and if I'm being honest, his school boy crush on the Leading Lady) is what got him on this list. 

9. Baek Jae Hyuk 
(Crazy Love)

This Gangster-turned-Oppa had us hating his cruel and unfeeling emotionless character until his shadowy background comes to light and suddenly, we began caring more about him than the actual main couple! By the end of the Kdrama, we were hoping this reformed bad guy would have his own happy ending.

8. Hyun Sang Hee
(Lie to Me)

This bad boy first gets his true introduction while at a bar where the Leading Lady is currently getting her booze on after a horrible day of work. Thinking she can give him some much needed (non-romantic) entertainment, he decides to bask in the hilarity of her drunkeness. Although, he's mostly a good guy who helps the Leading Lady get all her wishes, it doesn't stop him from being mischievous with helping the main couple get together. 

7. Lee Hyun Soo
(Shut Up Flower Boy Band)

Quite possibly one of the coldest-warm characters I've witnessed in any Kdrama belongs to Lee Hyun Soo. At heart, he cares about his friends, his family (especially his sister) and his love interest but on the outside, he's all cold smiles and laser-like eyes that could leave a person feeling like they might have just brushed up against an iceberg. Brrr...but he sure is pretty, isn't he?

6. Park Heung Soo
(School 2013)

His first appearance is breaking up a fight between the Leading Man and some bullies and it becomes blatantly clear there is some serious history being the Leading Man and himself. Between his rage-filled, ruthlessly biting remarks to his old friend and knowing his loving past, Park Heung Soo won our hearts despite his bad boy nature.

5. Goo Ma Jun
(Baker King, Kim Takgu)

This illegitimate, neglected and sometimes disappointing son couldn't help being as evil as he was for most of the KDrama. As much as we cheered on the Leading Man, we all had a little soft spot in our hearts for Goo Ma Jun because...well, lets be serious...he truly got shafted in the loving-parents column and you know what they say about nature vs. nurture. Goo Ma Jun was able to turn himself around at the end and become the person we all knew he could be and that's why we love him. 

4. Kang Ma Roo
(The Nice Guy / Innocent Man)

How this sweet and sacrificing boy became a ruthlessly vengeful man is no shock considering what happened to him and no matter how unjustifiable his actions may have been, we couldn't help justifying them because hasn't this bad boy been betrayed enough?!?! In fact, he kept getting screwed over again and again that we couldn't help but praise how this character was closed out because at least he'd get some peace! 

3. Choi Young Do

A bare-chested picture of Choi Young did that get there...? *mind drifts* Hmm...Oh Yeah, Bad boys...Well Choi Young Do is no exception; this dark and twisted boy has some Mommy issues that he chooses to take out on the world until one day, he meets a girl that changes this boy into a black knight. His admirable effort in fighting his bad habits for the sake of his first love is what got him on our #3 spot of bad boys we can't help but love.

2. Wol Ryung
(Gu Family Book)

The second most tragic Love-Hate bad boy is Wol Ryung. Actually he's more of a man who was betrayed viciously by the woman he loved. This character was so loved that although originally he was meant to die and stay dead, his role was written back into the story but with a dark aura and with the intention of exacting revenge. However, by the end of the Kdrama, he is redeemed for evil acts leaving the audience utterly relieved. 

That brings us to number one, the baddest of the baddies. This character is so ambiguous that the audience couldn't decide if they loved to hate him or hated that they loved him. I know which one I chose....I hated to love him...

1. Harry Borrison
(I Miss You / Missing You)

If you frequent my blog at all, you'll know just how much I hate to love this character. This bad boy wasn't always so bad but circumstances turned this sweet kid into a man so bent on revenge that it cost him everything he had, except his life. This character got dealt a terrible hand in the game of life and caused all our hearts to bleed for him even as we witnessed his descent into madness. 

s/n: Despite me having chose all completely different Kdramas, somehow Kim Woo Bin made it to the list a total of three times! He's definitely a fan favorite for being a bad boy...I just hope he gets the girl soon...I hope his next Kdrama has him casted at the Leading Man and not just another loveless bad boy...


  1. Oh yeah - Wol Ryung. I watched that series just for that character.

    1. So did i! And I kept watching only because I knew he came back. I kept waiting and waiting and when he did finally come back, it made the series 100x better

  2. I kept rooting for Harry Borrison until the very end. Even then I couldn't stop loving him!!

    1. Yup, same here..right up until the credits rolled and honestly...couldn't care less about the happy couple, I just felt terrible for him.