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Just what what made this group rise to fame so quickly? Besides their handsome faces (and I mean handsome) that keep us coming back. Read More to find out why YOU should be a Vixx fan as well.

My first experience with Vixx was after they released their "Hyde" music video. Firnlambe just raved about this song but insisted I listened to the song first before watching the MV. I have a weird thing about MVs, if the MV is not to my liking--I tend to not like the song despite it possibly being a great song (i.e. Shinhwa's "This Love"). So, trusting in her knowledge, I got about a minute into "listening" to the song before I realized it wouldn't matter what the MV concept was, I was going to like this song no matter what. I couldn't know at the time that the concept and lyrics for their song "Hyde" would foreshadow the very reasons I would come to absolutely adore this six person group!  

If you've never seen the Hyde MV, I suggest strapping in and hanging on because if you're like me, this MV will blow you away. The first thing that stood out to me was the very original concept of the MV--it was creepy, dark and sexy all rolled into one hell of an MV. It's no shock that these Kpop idols are stunningly handsome, I mean it's Kpop--I don't think ugliness is even achievable. These boys have been manicured up into a version of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" that even famous author Robert Louis Stevenson couldn't possibly dream up. My favorite line "Nappeun Saram Aninde, Neoreul Saranghaneunde" (I am not a bad person, I love you) is so catchy and endearing that it gives a slightly eerie romantic feel to the song. The amazing direction of this song allows the listener to understand the concept without even needing to understand Korean-- the MV is easily understood and enjoyable to watch, especially with the intricate (intimate even) dance moves. It is this MV, I believe, that defines Vixx--not so much as a group but their musical capabilities. 

Lets fast-forward to Vixx's "G.R.8.U." MV where we are confronted with a complETELY different concept. This is illustrated by the sheer fact that N (boy with red hair) it watching the "Hyde" MV at the very beginning of the song and what follows is anything but eerily dark and sexy. Not only is the MV done in reverse but now our boys are aegyo kings...I can only assume the director of this MV put the boys into a room with a bunch of kid toys and said "Have fun and don't forget to sing!" Gone is the dark eye shadow and tortured expressions and in their stead are handsome boys who like to have fun! This MV makes it impossible to watch just once, the momentum of the MV makes it hard to take in all the activity with only one viewing and you'll soon find yourself restarting the video and watching specific people each time just to take it all in. Between Ravi pouncing off the piano (0:46 & 1:04), the bunny hope Hyuk and *I think* HongBin do which is followed by...or preceded by...the popping of a balloon between the two of them. And of course, Leo being my absolute favorite, I love his "Yeah, I'm awesome, I know" open arms scene before he smashes through the wall.

The next MV I'd like to point out is their latest MV "Voodoo Doll". My response was just "Wow", ok that's a lie, I used an expletive but still the affect this MV had on me was intense. Whereas "Hyde" was sexy dark, this MV was just twisted dark but still extremely impactful. If you're a follower of Kpop, you know just how shocking this video is. In America, we wouldn't even bat an eye at the utensils used in this video but in Korea...quite honestly I'm surprised this wasn't banned. This was the final MV that made me go "Yup, Vixx has earned my love forever". Vixx has been able to attain the nearly impossible--they aren't type-casted into a singular concept but has branched into so many different directions that we can go from watching "G.R.8.U." to "Voodoo Doll" without being shocked that it's the same group. I say Kudos to these boys! 

It's sometimes hard to reconcile that these boys can sing something as dark as Voodoo Doll and sing something like "Thank You For Being Born My Love" and "Love Letter". However, I've grown to accept that these boys are as mercurial as most human emotions and pulls off the changes flawlessly!

Buuutt...lets back up a minute and figure out who VIXX really is! 

Vixx got their name from their fans--fans were given a list of possible names and Vixx won! It stands for Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis (not quite sure how that is...but hey...I didn't come up with the meaning). They have already established a fan group name, "Starlight" which is based off a song from their first mini album. Vixx is composed of six members: N, Ken, Leo, Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk.

Born on June 30, 1990, N is the leader but he's also one of the members that stands out the most. He's both funny and charming and seems to be one of the most interesting of the six. He's one of the main dancer's and also has a dream of becoming an actor one day--if you've seen the above-referenced MV's, it isn't hard to support his ambitions, I think he'd make a good actor.
Born on April 6, 1992, Ken is another funny one, it isn't hard to see this if you've seen any of the interview's done by Vixx. He's one of the main vocalists of the group, alongside Leo, and is most notably known for his songwriting skills. He's also one of the most open members of the group.
Leo, Leo, Leo...*epic sigh* Born on November 10, 1990--How this boy can even get on stage is utterly astonishing to me, quite honestly. He is, by far, the most reserved of all the members and often comes off cold and "cyborg-ish". His members have since clarified that he's quite warm behind the scenes but he's just standoff-ish in front of cameras. Of course, you wouldn't know this by watching the MVs in which he is very expressive. He's the second half of the main vocalists in the group and is known for his powerful voice. If you couldn't tell by how long my description of Leo is, he's my bias for this particular group. I just wish this handsome boy would open up in interviews. Chin up, Leo!
Born on February 15, 1993, Ravi is the rapper of the group. He's known as the "mood maker" and if you've seen him in interviews, you'd know why. It's very rare to see Ravi not smiling or somehow making the other members smile and often jokes around. But you needn't go that far to see why he's the mood maker, simple watch him rap (especially in G.R.8.U.) and you'll realize the awesomeness that is Ravi. He's known for being the most "innocent" of the group despite his mischievous eyes. He's my second favorite and back-up bias of this group. Much like Ken, Ravi also likes to compose songs and keeps a notebook with him in case he thinks of lines that could be used in a song. 
Born on September 23, 1993 is Hongbin and quite honestly, he doesn't stand out much in my eyes. I know he likes to laugh and can often be found smiling during interviews and/or laughing with the other members but as far as knowing information about him...I-I-I don't know much...I will keep my eyes open however. 
Born on July 5, 1995, Hyuk brings up the rear as our Maknae of Vixx. I don't know much about him either other than the fact that he's adorable as all get out.The time between Hyuk becoming a trainee and becoming a member of Vixx was so short that when he did become a member of Vixx, he didn't have much of a relationship with any of the members and therefore had to start from scratch. I do know that he almost left the group due to complications with Leo--mostly he found Leo to be extremely intimidating and had a hard time warming up to him and it was Ravi who eventually sat the two down to work out their issues and hopefully *crosses fingers* all their problems have been resolved. I will also keep my eye open for new things to learn about Hyuk.

That about sums up the members of Vixx so lets move on to their music in general....

Well there isn't much to say. Let me explain!! Unlike describing Super Junior, SHINee or F.T. Island even, I can't place Vixx into a singular category because they have so many different categories they could belong too! They have slow, romantic songs, they have high-energy pop songs and then they have Voodoo Doll (lol) where it's exciting and dark--much like Hyde only 10x more so. They're all over the place and that it makes it kind of hard to describe Vixx--which is a good thing, in this case. It means Vixx can surprise their fans with every album release! You're not quite sure what you're going to get from Vixx which is very refreshing and it makes them unpredictable but in a way that everyone can enjoy. It is very rare that a Kpop group doesn't get type-casted and it leaves their concepts completely open in the future. 

I find that I am extremely pleased by Vixx and they are one of the few Kpop groups that I instantly took a liking too. Whether I am listening to "Hyde", "On and On" or "G.R.8.U.", a smile can always be found on my face whenever Vixx is involved and should you ever seen me dancing behind the wheel of my car, it's a safe bet that I'm listening to Vixx. I would strongly suggest this group to anyone interested in Kpop and hope that you'll enjoy them as much as I do. 

To close out this blog, I will leave you with one last MV:

Because I spoke about a band for this blog, I will leave off the "K-Artist of the Blog" and simply end with a "K-Drama of the Blog":

This blog was brought to you by......

Protect the Boss
Firnlambe INSISTED I watch this Kdrama and I kept putting it off and putting it off until I finally decided, fine...I'll watch it. Holy crap is this Kdrama hysterical! It is funny from start to finish with small bits of seriousness woven in. 

The story revolves around Cha Ji Heon (plaed by Ji Sung) who is a borderline agoraphobic who would rather be considered lazy than have his phobias revealed. His father, CEO of a well-to-do company wants nothing more than his son to inherit the company but in order to do that his son would have to step up to the occasion. In an effort to "help", Ji Heon's cousin, Mu Won (placed by JYJ's Kim Jae Joong) hires a tenacious secretary, No Eun Seol (played by Choi Gang Hee), to help Ji Heon become the man he's suppose to be. Tensions rise when both men start to fall for the new "no-BS" secretary but her only goal is the turn Ji Heon into the man he's suppose to be. Or at least until one of the boys' charms wins her over...

No joke, this Kdrama is a feel-good comedy that I recommend to people who need a break from the seriousness of most Kdramas. It's funny, charming and leaves the audience feeling satisfied at the end. 

Ji Sung's performance is ridiculously charming and has you instantly falling in love with his character...

...But don't worry, there is enough JaeJoong loving sweetness to go around, as well!

I strongly recommend this Kdrama....

Just remember, with any Kdrama you watch, keep an open mind and give it a try. 
Feel free to leave comments in the comment section below and let me know you felt about the Kdrama! Kamsahamnida! (Thank you!)

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