Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Things Kpop Fans Should NEVER Do

Things Kpop Fans Should NEVER Do

I recently came across this blog and it is the inspiration behind this blog. Her and I are in complete agreement of her choices but I've added a couple more to mine. 

There are a few lines (a lot actually) that a Kpop fan should never cross...

First, I would like to explain to you what a Sasaeng is...you may have come across this word before and not known what it meant. Well I'll help you out: the term Sasaeng means a fan who is crazily obsessed with their Kpop Idol. I don't use the term "crazily" lightly but if you keep reading, I will show you how crazy some of these Sasaeng's can be...

This is more of a personal preference rather than a Sasaeng's craziness but...I stand by it nonetheless. Never make Memes that refer to you falling in love with your bias--In fact, let's just nip this whole topic in the bud.  Never should you be "in-love" with your biases...at all. Of course, I understand there is a fine line between loving your bias and loving your bias...as an example, I love my bias inasmuch as I love his music, I love his voice and I love his personality. I think he's amazing and utterly deserving of my respect and adoration...but I'm in love my husband who I can touch, have conversations with and share an actual life with that doesn't involve sending unanswered love letters to his work and accumulating all the pictures I can find on the internet of him while gleefully cherishing every message he tweets. So by all means, love your bias but don't "fall in love" with your bias.  In no way should a fan ever cross the line of reality and fantasy...and never should it be posted on the interwebs...for the world to see. I'm not above having a gush moment with Firnlambe where we talk about the "What-ifs" in person and we can fangirl out because, let's be honest, it's the best part of being a fangirl (or fanboy)! We all experience the pang of jealousy when we see our biases interacting with their fans during concerts and personally, God forbid should my biases even be brought up in the same conversation of someone of the opposite sex BUT the point is...Kpop biases are not there for you to fall in love with them....like....ever.....


I don't think this next one even needs an explanation but...because I'm thorough, I'll discuss it even though it hurts me to do so...Ladies (Gentleman)...I could begin to live with the "falling in love" with a bias if it meant I NEVER had to see these! Now, I understand that me being uncomfortable with my Kpop Idols even taking off their shirts is a personal preference. Not because they're not very handsome or good looking ('cause obviously...we've all seen Siwon without a shirt...*gazes off into the distance*..........but because to me, Kpop is much more appealing without the "in your face" sex appeal (or those horrible, horrible, pelvic thrusts). I mean it's there...it's obvious that the sex appeal is there, and yes it can be acknowledged by others who are not me *Glares at Firnlambe* but our Kpop Idols do not need to be objectified in an overtly sexual way. Which is why memes like this drive me absolutely crazy!!! And this is mild compared to what I've come across in the past...*shudders* Can we not degrade our Kpop Idols by doing this?

Saesangs...don't follow your Idols in their cars..and especially don't put our Idols in a position of possibly getting hurt and/or dying. Amazingly enough, this has happened more than once to Super Junior!
here and here are just a couple examples! Two separate cities with the same result...wanting to catch a glimpse of their Idols, fans followed the cars too closely or too crazily and caused accidents that have actually involved the members themselves. 

So, lemme get this straight? You're going to show your devotion by...physically harming your Idols...cause that's...sweet of you? What the heck, Sasaengs? I just pray that our Idols don't get killed because a fan "loves" them so much...Car Accidents kill people...you wold think this would be common sense... 


Never should you STALK your Kpop groups! Like...ever! how would you feel if some creepy person was following you around and you never had a moments peace? There are a few instances that come to mind such as fans sitting outside G-Dragon's house. I honestly don't know how Kpop Idols remain calm in light of these situations, between calling the cops and taking to twitter furiously, I would have not been as kind as GD was. There are a few other instances such as this next one that stand out: JYJ member Park Yoochun actually had a camera installed in his parking garage by crazy Sasaeng's. He can be seen walking cautiously too and from his car in fear of being accosted by his Fans...Watching this is so...frustrating to me because it's completely unethical and disturbing how far Sasaeng fans will go just to be "closer" to their Idols... And since I'm talking about Park Yoochun, there was talk about his slapping incident last year. Most people were upset that he got slapped by a fan but there was a minority group of people that were upset that he "supposedly" hit the fan back...well...lemme put it this way...GO Yoochun! If someone slapped me just to get me to remember them...you can bet money I would slap them back...there is no excuse to slap an Idol---or any random person, for that matter.  

This next one is so disgusting... I swear, I feel like if/when I meet any of my Kpop Idols, I should apologize for their Sasaeng's craziness. This next one..makes me gag...*shudders disgustedly* It's so bad... Never, and I mean NEVER should a fan send something like this to their Idol. It's a surprise that Taecyeon didn't leave the business after this--being famous and doing what he loves his not WORTH this kind of devotion. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't open his own fanmail any more...or ANY fanmail ever again... It's bad enough that the fan even...placed something like that in the mail to send off but then to react and say "I didn't think it was going to be this big of a deal" and "I'm not a Sasaeng, just an obsessive girl" No...No, honey...you are a Sasaeng to the friggin MAX...you took out your own menstrual pad...wrote a letter in your menstrual blood, dashed it with a few of your pubic hair and actually MAILED that nasty sh*t to Taecyeon...I'd be shocked if Taecyeon didn't vomit on the spot! And the really messed up thing...this has happened to other Kpop Idols! Taecyeon isn't the only victim of this kind of...I don't even know what to call it..there are no words. Granted, some of the others may have been a simple case of a slit wrist or (in one instance) a slice on the neck but the point is it's disgusting and should never never never happen again. In fact, if you've seen the Kdrama "Reply 1997". They did a skit about writing letters in blood to show a fan's devotion to their Idol and it wasn't very well received in the Kdrama either...

 Moving on.....


Although all of these are terrible and disgusting and, well honestly, infuriating--I feel the most bad for Exo. Exo of late has had their own run-in with Sasaeng fans and it's starting to affect not only their personal lives but their professional lives as well.  First is started with rude fans during performances but most recently, their fans have taken their..."fandom" to a whole new level by bursting in on one of their member's (Baekhyun) brother's wedding. How they even got the location of the wedding is beyond me, I would think the location would have been a safe-guarded secret considering the amount of popularity Exo has accumulated over the last year and a half but apparently it was leaked and their rude fans ignored the fact that this was suppose to be private moment in these people's lives. I've listed three different articles below that describe the situation:

All Kpop's"Exo Fans Banned from Inkigayo"
All Kpop's "Sasaeng Fans of Exo Criticized for Improper Conduct"
Kpop Rookies "Sasaeng Fan Leaves a Sickening Message for Baekhyun"
I just hope Exo fans realize that they're making it harder for Exo to make public appearances or do shows for fear of their fans...it's sad for Exo who is such a young (rookie) group to be stunted so early in their careers....

These are just a few things that I feel Kpop fans should never do--some of them are personal preferences and others should just be common sense and are outright dangerous--I think fans put their Idols on pedestals (the irony is not lost on me Firnlambe ) and they tend to forget that these singers/actors are people with real lives outside of their professional personas. It's unfortunate that people cannot make this distinction... 

Because this is a topic that is much discussed on the internet, there are many, many more examples of the craziness of Sasaeng;s that I chose not to discuss in this blog. There are just a few below: 

Soompi's "8 Celebrities and their Sasaeng Fan Incidents"

"Sasaeng Groopies Gone Wild Part 1"

All Kpop's "TVXQ's Yunho Finally Talks About Being Poisoned By An Anti-Fan"


  1. These are scary. Oh my.....but is joking and being sacrastic about loving a bias okay? Like I wouldn't date them because I have no idea what their personality is, that they could be the opposite and I can't fall in love with someone until I have known them as a friend for months . I like their music and such and they are inspiring. I just wish I could be friends with them or be as talented as them. Cries.

    1. Hahaha omg, I talk about loving my bias all he time. But honestly, I'd just like to take Kyuhyun out for drinks and just get to know him. It's really the people that take it to the extreme. The fans that forget that they're real people with real lives outside of being entertainers. And I would absolutely LOVE to be as talented as they are. If I could dance even HALF as good as them, I'd be pleased!!! I look at BTS and go "Yup...never gonna happen." lolol

  2. some of these stuff is ridiculous because fan should have respect for their idols and patience, don't go overboard with your love. it not like they could date them. I m kpop fan but I am not this ridiculous with my idols.

  3. I would like to take seventeen Joshua and Vernon out to eat because they are my bias and just to get to know them a little better.

  4. Yeah, I heard of those crazy fans before. They're insane. They need to go to jail and they need major psychiatric help (big time). EXO is my favorite group and I feel bad for them because I've heard plenty of news with them dealing with crazy fans. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if some of these people were "hired" from other companies or the media just to try and tick our k-pop idols, just to get some news. It could happen. How else are these fans getting money to follow their k-pop idols ALL THE TIME??? They have to have had money coming from somewhere. Anyway, I love EXO and I have my bias but these crazy fans are just ridiculous. They need to be dealt with before someone get seriously hurt or killed.