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I Hear Your Voice

I Hear Your Voice
Will Contain Spoilers...
This drama just finished airing a couple weeks ago and it was great! I was impressed by everything with this Kdrama. I had seen both Lee Jong Suk and Yoon Sang Hyun act before in Secret Garden except this time Lee Jong Suk was the main lead and he definitely raised the stakes with this performance. 

The Synopsis...well it  progresses rather quickly and there's a lot of info given to the audience in the first bear with me, I hope I can explain it clearly. goes nuthin'! Lee Jong Suk's character, Park Soo Ah and his father were in an "accident" but when the driver, Min Joon Gook, gets out of the car and beats the father to death in front of the boy, we realize something else is going on. Convinced he needs to kill the young boy as well now, the murderer turns to the boy but before he can take action he realizes that someone else has witnessed his crime. Jang Hye Sung, played at first by the wonderful young actress Kim So Hyun, has witnessed the crime and eventually testifies in court against him which results in Min Joon Gook being sentenced to 10 years in prison. He ultimately threatens to find her when he's released and kill her. During the trial, the viewers have learned that  Park Soo Ah can read people's thoughts if he looks directly into their eyes (whether it was a preexisting ability or due to the accident caused by Min Joon Gook, it isn't explained). Ok, now flash forward 10 years. The now high schooler Park Soo Ah, having promised to protect Hye Sung with his life, has spent the last ten years trying to find her while building up his fighting skills. Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young), now a severely lacking defense attorney, is a prickly woman who makes a habit of annoying everyone she meets. Unbeknownst to our male and female lead...Min Joon Gook has been released from prison and he hasn't forgotten his promise to Hye Sung...

Ok...with me so far? Good! Cause it's worth it!

He always maintains a contemplative look on his face
Lee Jong Suk's portrayal of Park Soo Ah is definitely one for the books. He acted so well in this drama, I was very impressed. There is something compelling about Park Soo Ah's personality; having lived with this ability [hearing thoughts] his whole life, he fully understands the nitty-grittiness of the human mind but still maintains his faith in humanity, especially his faith in Hye Sung when at the beginning, she has given him no reason too! That faith is later tested by Min Joon Gook but for him to have made it to adulthood without becoming a cynical person is amazing. Park Soo Ah is a calm and (usually) collected 19 year old that holds a serenity about himself that instantly fascinates our leading lady because she is the complete opposite. He has the ability to see right through people (with the help of his abilities) and see the inside which he accepts with unflinching grace.  
So shrewd...he catches everything

Our leading lady, Jang Hye Sung, played by Lee Bo Young is exactly what we like in our leading ladies.(Or at least I do). She is unflinchingly strong willed and stubborn. Give me a stubborn woman over a push over any day! Her bite definitely matches her bark but for some reason, and at first she can't explain it, she is left feeling unsettled whenever Park Soo Ah's around. Park Soo Ah is her perfect intellectual match in every way because he calmly challenges her long-held beliefs which allows her to finally step into other people's shoes and learn some much-needed compassion. He allows her to make mistakes and gently guides her in the right direction so that by the end of the drama, she is someone we'd all want as our defense attorneys! In turn, however, she has a firm sense of right and wrong and although she learns the definition of the "gray area" from Park Soo Ah, she is able to stop Park Soo Ah from making some pretty troubling decisions. 

So much attitude...I love it!
There were so many good things about this drama that I'm actually afraid to talk about what I liked best...mainly because I'm terrible at keeping spoilers to myself. Terrible at it...I can literally feel Firnlambe nod and say "It's true..." I'll try to make this next segment quick before moving on to secondary characters...I happen to absolutely love the love that grows between our two leads. Lee Jong Suk was adorably cute before in this previous roles but something about the maturity he expresses through this role makes me see him as a man despite him looking like the 19 year old he pretends to be. (He's actually 25 in real God, Koreans have great skin...jinjja! (seriously)) Yet he can still pull of the  boyish cuteness that makes us all *squee* on the inside. The evidence is below: 

I'm also convinced that he may even rival Ha Ji Won with her exceptionally great on-screen-fake-cry, Lee Jong Suk can cry beautifully with the best of them! 

Ok...moving on!

Besides having great leads, this drama has several very good supporting roles. I mean, every single one of them were great:

I honestly can't wait for the 2013 Dramafever Awards because I just know Jung Woong In will be nominated for best villain and unless there is a better villain in an upcoming Kdrama, he will win without a doubt.  The character of Min Joon Gook isn't just a bad guy simply because he can be. He has a past, the kind of past that allows us to understand how he got to where he is now and actually has us caring about his future by the end of the drama. He played his role flawlessly. Kim Gwang Gyu...honestly, when I first saw him in Oh! My Lady I really wasn't a fan but every role I've seen  him in since makes me change my mind. He excels in this role as the Honorable Judge but it's his humor that makes you really like his character. He is constantly trying to win the friendship of his co-workers while still maintaining the letter of the law. I have never seen Choi Sung Joon act before but his adorable innocence as the Defense Attorney's Office Assistant makes me want to see him more. He is the main comedic relief but his steady faith in his co-workers keeps him from being the show's in-house idiot.  I'm always pleased with whatever role I see Yoon Sang Hyun in, regardless of who that character is. In this Kdrama he plays the ex-cop turned defense attorney. First impression leaves us believing his character is naive and foolishly trusting of others. He surprises us with his depth and thoughtfulness, watching him progress through this Kdrama is almost as fulfilling as watching Jang Hye Sung progress. Yoon Ju Sang...well if you read my Ajusshi's & Ajumma's Blog, you already know how I feel about him as an actor. In this KDrama, he plays the veteran (and sometimes mentor) to our two fledgling defense attorney's but with a strong, steady hand and some comical verbal abuse, he helps them find their purpose. 

This Kdrama rightfully earned it's #10 rating; the cast, the writers, the directors, they all did a wonderful job to make this a must-see Kdrama. I hope I haven't ruined the drama for you and if I have...I apologize, you should still watch it anyway! You won't be disappointed, I promise!

Just remember, with any Kdrama you watch, keep an open mind and give it a try. 
Feel free to leave comments in the comment section below and let me know you felt about the Kdrama! Kamsahamnida! (Thank you!)


  1. Nagy élmény volt ez a sorozat! Jó téma remek színészek. Köszönjük!!!

    1. I found it to be a great series with great characters and actors as well, thank you for your comment!