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Dream High

Dream High
Will Contain Spoilers...
Looking for a heart felt Kdrama with a great cast, great story and won't leave you feeling emotionally devastated at the end? Then Dream High should be your next Kdrama...Read More to see why!

Over at Firnlambe's Blog she developed a drinking game for Kdrama addicts and since Dream High was a KDrama we had both decided we wanted to watch, we thought it would be perfect to try it out. The joke was that we'd watch a Kdrama that we didn't really mind if we didn't remember and since we were playing by the hardcore rules, we were expecting to drink copious amounts of alcohol. Boy...were we wrong. This Kdrama grabbed our attention right away and soon all thoughts of drinking stopped. The KDrama was so good, in fact, that although I finally succumbed to sleep around episode 12 (around 4  a.m.), Firnlambe cruised through it while I slept. When I woke up again around 8 am, she was just about to finish the entire series and I had to play catch up. *glares evilly at Firnlambe* She wouldn't let me watch the tail end of the KDrama until I watched the episodes I had missed... But the point is...we soared through this KDrama is under 24 hours.

So, without further ado...let's discuss the plot line!

There actually isn't much of a synopsis to tell, mainly because it's a story about a group of kids and their journey to become musical stars. Thats...pretty much the synopsis. These kids audition for the prestigious Kirin Art High School which focuses on training high schoolers in their areas of study--singing, dancing, instruments, composition, etc. The Kdrama follows the lives of 6 students and each has a unique personality and area of focus.  

Well...I'm going to start with my favorite...

Song Sam Dong, the country bumpkin, actually gets into Kirin through a weird happenstance--at first he wasn't going to accept but when the arrogant Hye Mi comes to convince him to move to Seoul, he does finally agree. I have a soft spot for the under dog (a.k.a. second male leads), it's more of a curse, and Song Sam Dong is no different. He's the 2nd most quiet and unobtrusive of the six leads but watching him grow stronger and more confident is an absolute treat! His end goal is to become a singer but his path isn't without hardship though. It's nearly as devastating to the audience as it is to the actually character and watching him overcome it is very heartwarming. 

Kim Hyun Soo's portrayal of Song Sam Dong instantly made me a fan of this actor & watching his career soar after this drama is great! It's too bad that he doesn't particularly want a career as a singer because his voice is excellent for someone with almost no training!

The leading lady is so...oh god, so aggravating in the beginning. You just want to reach through your TV and rip her hair out. Hye Mi is arrogant, obnoxious, and incredibly self-entitled. It's no doubt that she has talent as a singer, more so than the other characters but she definitely needs to be taken down a peg. Due to her attitude, she is forced to jump through hoops in order to gain acceptance into Kirin and one of those hoops is recruiting the country bumpkin, Song Sam Dong. Through her trials and tribulations, the Hye Mi at the end of the KDrama is so different from our first impression of her that it's startling. It is also through her that some of the other characters become better artists and it's a very humbling experience for her. 

This character is played by Kpop group 'Miss A's Suzy. She's incredibly talented and she totally owned the character Hye Mi. 

My resident pool boy *takes a minute to daydream*, Taecyeon plays the character Jin Guk. His character's back story is sad; he's the illegitimate son of a political figure who would prefer Jin Guk stay out of the lime light--for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, Jin Guk has the talents and the skills to succeed and watching him own the stage is gratifying. Although, seeing Jin Guk try to balance his familial duty while still trying to pursue his dream  is a little bittersweet, he perseveres and gets rewarded in the end for his struggles.  

As I mentioned, Jin Guk is played by Taecyeon, who is a household name for any Kpop fan. He's handsome, sweet and an incredibly talented dancer (and rapper) for the band 2pm. This is the first role I saw for Taecyeon and his skills as an singer/actor have only increased as time has gone on. 

The character Kim Pil Sook was the most endearing for me! Remember how I said Song Sam Dong was the 2nd more quiet of the six leads...well, Kim Pil Sook, played by UI, is THE quietest. Her first appearance in the KDrama however, was so comical that when you realized why she auditioned the way she auditioned, you connect to her almost immediately. Or at least I did, as one overweight person to another. However, although Hye Mi has an amazing voice, Kim Pil Sook blows her out of the water. Very quickly all the leads become attached to Kim Pil Sook and she becomes the voice of encouragement for them in return. She does eventually lose all the weight but her personality is as sweet as ever. She's the steadiest lead of the six and you can't help but enjoy every scene she's in.

UI is a very accomplished Kpop singer with a very distinctive and angelic voice. This Kdrama opened the doorway for me to appreciate her music more. 

Jason...our resident random English guy! He's the comedic relief in this show but no less talented than his fellow leads. He's also the main dancer of this Kdrama. If Kim Pil Sook is the steadiest of the six leads, than Jason is her rock. We see him grow as a dancer and singer but his base personality, much like Kim Pil Sook's, doesn't change and we are ever grateful for that. In his own lackadaisical way, he supports his friends but he does it with so much charm that you just can't help falling for this character. 

Jason is played by Woo Young, fellow member of Taecyeon in the group 2 pm. Woo Young is actually pretty comical in real life so this role was probably like playing himself so no wonder he excelled at it. It also explains why he is such an amazing dancer--check out some of 2 pm's MVs to see for yourself. This was his first and (basically) only Kdrama role but I hope he decides to continue acting because I would be interested to see more of him! 

And that leaves us with our final lead, Yoon Baek Hee a.k.a. Becky. She, in the first episode, is just the most adorable character! She is the soft spoken and ever hopeful best friend of Hye Mi. She takes the WORSE turn  in the beginning of this KDrama & honestly, for very good reason. Hye Mi takes this adorable young adolescent and basically ...just smashes her to pieces. Her character was probably the most troubling out of all of them because you can't help but understand why she becomes who she becomes but it doesn't make you want to shake sense into her any less. Luckily, the wonderful teachers of Kirin High eventually help her turn her rocky life around but just a warning...she's an emotional investment much like Song Sam Dong. 

Yoon Baek Hee is played by Ham Eun Jung and she is also a singer--surprise surprise. She belongs to the group T-Ara and she is also immensely talented. 

So those are the six leads of this KDrama. The writers were brilliant for this show because you get attached to each of the six individual stories and you just sit on your hands and pray that everything turns out how you want it to and let me be the first to say, I wasn't disappointed. Every time the theme song comes up on my iPod I'm hit with twinge feelings of regret and nostalgia. Regret because it had to end and nostalgia because out of all the KDramas I've seen, this show is the only one I wish I could rewatch as if watching it for the first time. Despite it not having a picture-perfecting ending...don't be mistaken, the ending is WONDERFUL...I loved the ending of this Kdrama because we actually get to see where the characters end up 7 years later and it's pretty cool. I wish more dramas did *?* years later scenarios. 

Notable scenes is by far the flash mob scene. This scene was actually filmed live in Gyeonggi-Do with a real life passerby's to witness. Another cool factoid about the flash mob is 2 pm's brother group 2 am, as well as Suzy's fellow Miss A group mates and Dal Shabet (another Kpop group) came in to help add dancers for the flash mob. I'll attach the video below: 

There are a few honorable mentions but I'll stick to only talking about one...but he's a pretty big one so you'll understand. 

Park Jin Young plays the character Young Jin Man who is a teacher at Kirin High. This man...this man is hilarious! He is overly dramatic and endearing all at the same time. He becomes attached to each of the students in his own way but ultimate rally's himself to help all of them in their quest to become stars. But why is this a pretty big honorable mention? Because Park Jin Young is the longer version of in JYP Entertainment. Quick Kpop Lesson: There's 3 major Entertainment companies in South Korea: SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment got it...JYP Entertainment. He's kind of a big deal in Korea. His company is responsible for 2 pm, 2 am, and Miss A (as well as many others). 

So the gist is...Dream High is incredible! I hope I've peaked your interest and you'll check it out. 

Just remember, with any Kdrama you watch, keep an open mind and give it a try. 
Feel free to leave comments in the comment section below and let me know you felt about the Kdrama! Kamsahamnida! (Thank you!)
(Bonus GIF)
There is a scene where they bring in Super Junior's Leeteuk & Eunhyuk and it's easily one of the funniest clips in the whole KDrama--but not because it's Super Junior, I promise!
Poor Eunhyuk!


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    But seriously
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    But beware...if you've been watching a lot of series, and you suddenly marathon your way through this show. you may find that you will break your Kdrama watching will.
    I'm not joking, I had to take a break from my Kdrama for about 4-5 month and only watch variety shows

  2. Tis true, she did...I was thoroughly upset when I kept cruising through Kdramas but she took a hiatus...but all is back to being right in this world!