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Ajusshi's & Ajummas We Can't Help But Love

Ajusshi's & Ajummas We Can't Help But Love

The title refers to those familiar faces we see in Kdramas that belong to the older generation--you know...the ones who play minor, yet impactful characters and you can't help but go "Hey, it's him!' If you are a fan of Kdramas but don't live in Korea, it's more likely that you won't remember their names as well as you will their counterparts (i.e. Kim Woo Bin, Joo Won, Lee Min Ho) but you most definitely remember their faces as well as their previous roles in other KDramas. 

If you're like me, simply having these actors/actresses in a Kdrama makes you feel slightly better about whatever it is you're watching, regardless of whether or not they're playing a good guy!  Well, the following is a list of my personal favorite Ajusshi's & Ajumma's, I'm wondering if some of these aren't on your list too! 

My personal, #1 favorite is.... Kim Chang Wan....I can hear you now, "Who?" 
"Ahhh, THAT guy"
Yup, this guy! The guy you love no matter what role he plays because he's going to be wise, funny and quirky! I've only ever seen him a handful of times; Coffee Prince was the first time I ever witnessed this brilliant actor and he left such an impression that...well, obviously he's my favorite! He also acted in Worlds Within (a.k.a. The World That They Live In) (2008), and Ireland (2004). He is also in he movie Postman to Heaven (2009)--this role in particular was a little more serious than he normally is in his Kdramas but nevertheless, he pulls off the role splendidly! He is also starring in current airing dramas: Who Are You (2013) and Good Doctor (2013) and his character both these dramas so I will be interested to see where he takes them. Coincidental or purposeful, I'm not sure but Coffee Prince is my favorite role for him: He plays this lazy--and sometimes disgusting--barista who just bleeds attitude in everything he says and wisdom while he "guides" the men (and one woman) who end up working at his coffee shop. He also used to be a rocker, so that just adds to his awesomeness! *Aigoo* Anyway, this actor is definitely Daebok! (Korean slang for awesome). Don't miss him in the above-mentioned Kdramas!

Next is.................Kim Young Ok.........

She's right up there with being wise, funny and quirky as well! In fact, if Kim Young Ok and Kim Chang Wan played an on-screen married couple, I could die happy (Ok, that's a tid-bit extreme but seriously...why hasn't this happened yet?) Actually, Kim Young Ok and Kim Chang Wan did in fact act together in Coffee Prince but it wasn't as a married couple but close friends...*sigh* maybe that's all these actors are destined to be...Anywho, she also acts in Protect the Boss (2011) and Boys Over Flowers (2009), I especially like her in Boys Over Flowers because there is a scene where she is challenged by Jun Pyo's horrible mother and she flawlessly bats the mother down a beg or was very impressive to see this little old Ajumma stand up to someone...
This next Ajusshi closely rivels Kim Chang's Yung Ju Sang!

This beyond funny! He is my close-close second for favorite Ajusshi--so close, I'm not entirely sure why he isn't my favorite except I'm fiercely loyal to my firsts. I first took notice of him in I Do, I Do (2012). Before realizing I had seen him before in King of Dramas (a.k.a. The Lord of Dramas) (2012-2013), Padam Padam (2011-2012), and he was most recently in I Hear Your Voice (2013). This man's expression are super quick--between serious and comical in a matter of seconds! He's definitely an Ajusshi to watch; my favorite role for him by far is I Hear Your Voice because he plays a tough lawyer with a super soft side that peaks out every so often and makes you just love his character.
The next Ajumma is..........Kim Mi Kyung!

She became one of my favorites after I saw her play a bad guy for the first time. Actors and Actresses that draw my attention are usually those who can play multiple types of characters and I've seen this woman play a sweet person, tough person and bad guy all within a couple months so she's pretty diverse which is always welcome! I first saw her in Faith (2012) but her most recent dramas include I Miss You (2012 - 2013), I Can Hear Your Voice (2013) and she is acting in the airing drama The Master's Sun (2013). My favorite role for her is Faith because she's the tough palace lady that (at one point) whips out a short knife to take on this well-known, sword-wielding-master bad guy as a diversion but the point was a cool scene to watch her play out. However, that being said, I think her best role was in I Miss You where she plays this....twisted...character with a back story. Anyway, she's great! Check her out!
Next guy is unforgettable, something about his face just stands out (I think).....Kwon Hae Hyo!

This particular actor is great because he delivers his lines so well. From being the snippy character in My Lovely Sam Soon (2005) to his sarcastic, yet endearing character of Dream High 2 (2012), he's just pure awesomeness. He was also in The King of Dramas (a.k.a. The Lord of Dramas) (2012-2013) and although I haven't gotten around to watching the rest of his dramas--based off the above-mentioned three dramas--he is very promising! I think my favorite role for him so far is Dream High 2, although this drama didn't do so well, I think it's worth watching. It's not as terrible as everyone made it out to seem (although, it's no where near as good as the original Dream High). His character in Dream High 2 is this reluctant principle of Kirin Art School and at first he's this guy who could care less about the school and the students but for some reason he's particularly fond of this no-good rocker kid who seems to think the world of him and through that relationship this Ajusshi's character comes to care about the rest of the students. Watch for him!
Last but not least is.............Song Ok Suk!

A lot like Kwon Hae Hyo, I haven't seen a lot of her works BUT I have seen her in I Miss You (2012-2013), Bridal Mask (2012) and Rooftop Prince (2012). For whatever reason, my "go-to" site doesn't list her as being in Jung-Yi, Goddess of Fire (2013), but she is. In fact, her role in GoF is pretty big...hmm...I wonder why she doesn't show up. Oh well...My favorite, by FAR, role for her is in I Miss You. I've previously discussed this show here but what I didn't mention at the time was the relationship between Song Ok Suk and the male lead played by Park YooChun (a.k.a. Micky YooChun from JYJ). Although the KDrama itself is dark...just watching it for their relationship alone is brighter than the sun! It's incredible, really.

I can't but attempt to promote this Kdrama every chance I's so good. But back to the point, Song Ok Suk, she's a diverse actress that slips her way into your heart when you watch her. Make sure to check her out (especially in I Miss You.....ok, I'm done....)

So whether you just happen to see these veteran Ajumma's and Ajusshi's in passing or actively watch their Kdramas, their acting abilities make their characters endearing and memorable!

Ok, now it's time for.....
Artist/KDrama of the Blog

Artist: Teen Top!

This group debuted in 2010 and have released 9 albums but a few are EP's (Extended Play: more music than a single but not enough for a full album). I'm gonna be brutally honest, when I first heard of them I was immediately turned off because of the name of the group...for any respectable *ahem* 25 year old, I can't just tell my friends, "Isn't this song great?! Yeah, it's Teen Top!"  but I've grown enough to say "Who cares?" Most of my friends get turned off when I say "It's Kpop" anyway.  Most of their songs are good, they have a couple hit'n'misses (my personal opinion) but definitely more hit's than misses. I have one last thing to who EVER choreographs their music videos, I would just like to shout out a message to them.

Dear Teen Top Choreographer: ...seriously...the pelvic thrusts? Don't you think you're going a little toooo overboard? Your youngest member isn't even of AGE by S. Korean standards!?!?! As a pedonoona even I feel uncomfortable watching Teen Top MVs! That is all.

I swear, their are pelvic thrusts are in each friggin MV and for someone who absolutely abhors pelvic thrusts, it's so hard to watch their MVs as I'm always weary of the inevitable pelvic movements! As an example, I love the song "To You" but the first set of pelvic thrusts caught me by surprise, so much that I immediately x-ed out of the video! Aigoo...

However, Teen Top's Miss Right is my favorite song by far and due to the pelvic thrusts in THAT MV I'm attaching another video with the song below:

Teen Top has good music so definitely listen to their songs BEFORE watching their MVs unless of course...pelvic thrusts are your thing, then watch/listen in any order you like! haha
KDrama: I Can Hear Your Voice (a.k.a. I Hear Your Voice)

What first drew me to this drama was it's plot: Ten years ago, a woman witnessed a murder and helped put that murderer away but ten years later when he is released, he comes after her. To help her is the son of the murdered victim who can hear people's thoughts and he vowed to always be by her side. That is the MOST GENERIC explanation of this drama. Anyway, the two actors that drew me to this Kdrama was Lee Jong Suk and Yoon Sang Hyun who both acted together in Secret Garden. Through this drama I completely fell head over heels for Lee Jong Suk, his particular role was very complicated but his acting was delivered flawlessly! 
Ahh..Lee Jong Suk....

Anyway, definitely check this Kdrama out. It's worth it; it's passionate, funny and intense. Have fun!

As always, be in peace until next time.....


  1. I love the work of all these ajusshis and ajummas, but Kwon Hae Hyo is my boyfriend. Seriously, I have such a crush on him. He reminds me a bit of a non-flashy Shah Rukh Khan. And he's got a great range. I first loved him as the aggravated chef in Sam Soon, but I also loved his serious, quite dignified role in "King of Dramas".

    1. Yes! I've grown pretty fond of this actor--I saw him in Lie To Me as well since I've posted this. I think it's his facial expressions that make me like him. He gets so into his roles and he's very talented with portraying snarky characters. I wish I could see him act more.

  2. Kim Mi Kyung - I like her too. I am impressed with her wide range of roles and her ability to just be whatever character she takes on.