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Top Five Special: Top Five Kdrama Husbands

Top Five Kdrama Husbands

These are the men that our husbands and boyfriends blame for our high expectations on men. Expectations that can never be achieved outside of Kdramas which, of course, is why we watch them in the first place! Read More to see my top five Kdrama Husbands!

Annyeonghaseyo Yeorebun! Hello Everyone! How are we today? Like I said in my last blog, this is a continuation of my Top Five Special blogs and today, I'm listing my personal Top Five Kdrama Husbands...and out of the many Kdramas I've seen, let me tell you, this was difficult. I tried to stay as objective as possible while still choosing each character personally. Just a little note, I based my choices off the character NOT the actor that played them and lets just say it was hard not to be biased but I think I did pretty good...why don't you judge? If you watch Kdramas, if you would pick someone different, why don't you leave the name in the comment--I'm always looking for new potential Kdrama Husbands!

Normally in romantic comedies the guy and the girl eventually end up together and live happily ever after..that's how the story is suppose to go, right? Some fall way short and others excel above any expectations, below I think are the five that excel, so...kaja! (Let's Go!)

Before I begin, however, I feel obligated to mention that just like almost everything in Kdrama land, the male leads are the cream of the crop, the diamond in the rough..basically...the Aquafina to the sink's tap water of unbelievably perfect men. Men like this in real life are incredibly's why we like them so much!! So women, we need to remember that our husbands will never stand up to Kdrama husbands and we shouldn't expect them too...*glares evilly at husband as he plays Guild Wars 2 for the fifth hour straight*...but it's hard, I know...

So, in first place iiiiiissssss.....

1) Of course, in first place is Hyun Bin's character "Kim Joo Won" from Secret Garden! Not only is this man incredibly good looking, he's got money, smarts, humor and the ability to get over his rather snobbish upbringing in light of true love. The premise of Secret Garden is a small amount of fantasy put into reality, so if you can handle the fact that the male and female lead (Actress Ha Ji Won) switch bodies after drinking a mysterious elixir, you'll be set! Throughout the show we watch these two characters deny that they are a match made in heaven(*wink*wink*) but steadily fall in love and in this particular Kdrama we actually get to see the happily ever after. Without giving away too much information, in case you actually want to watch it (which I highly recommend), Joo Won is a successful chaebol (second generation rich guy with a rich family) who meets his lady love, Gil Ra Im, who is so out of his league that it has you rooting for her from the very beginning. However, Gil Ra Im is a tough stunt woman who doesn't take nicely to the rich and entitled. Inevitably these two meet and Joo Won persists to...annoy her into loving him and although he doesn't really understand why this woman of all women attracts him so, he sticks to it to the very end without a hint of wavering. Which is unusual in Kdramas. He knows what he wants and is willing to do anything to get it, even throw away all his money and inheritance to be loved by this woman. His persistence is what makes him so attractive. Why is he my number one? Because he's just so damn charming! At first his love seems very superficial and fleeting but when his love is put to the do I describe this? It's like he's a soldier of love with a flaming sword set out to destroy all obstacles...ok, maybe notthat dramatic but he definitely reigns supreme and defends his love against others and against...the power-that-be...? If you watch the Kdrama, it will all make perfect sense! Their happily ever after consists of three boys who love their mommy almost as much as daddy does and long snowy nights wrapped in the arms of this man. I don't know if I would have loved this character without Hyun Bin but his portrayal of Kim Joo Won is perfect and memorably. 

2) This one actually surprised me that it made the list but after much consideration between me, myself and I, he fits into my ideal of a good husband. Seo-In Guk's portrayal of "Yoon Yoon Ji" from Reply 1997 (a.k.a. Answer me 1997). He is so far from Joo Won that I can't draw any parallels between the two. Personally, Seo in Guk wasn't very attractive to me at first but he grew on me rather quickly. Premise of the story: high school friends are having a 15 year class reunion and the six main friends of the story are all gathered and talking about their high school memories. Seems easy enough except there's a bit of a mystery...we know someone is getting engaged, we know someone (a couple of people, as it turns out) are already married but we don't know to whom any of these people are with. It is this element that makes the Kdrama fun. You get little clues and you kind of know who is with who but you're not entirely sure until the very last episode. Ok, with me so far? Good. The back story is Yoon Ji is a high school student with a best friend who happens to be a girl, Sung Shi Won (Acress Jung Eun Ji). While she's completely obsessed with the band H.O.T., he's completely obsessed with her. He bickers with his lady love more often than not but it's the kind of bickering that gives the appearance of the proverbial "old couple" bickering. Their connection leaves the audience either wishing for a friend/boyfriend/husband who they can have this connection with yet still not make you feel like it's entirely scripted and fake. The awkwardness he feels in his love would normally annoy me but his completely sincere love for this girl is completely disarming and heartwarming. Only...she doesn't necessarily return his feelings...there's someone else in her eyes...unfortunately I cant say much more than that without giving away the ending so I will leave it with, Yoon Ji does get married, to whom--I can't tell you but when you see him pick up his daughter and has a private moment with his wife (get your head outta the gutter) he melts your heart. He loves her with just the right amount of attitude to not make him a push over but what got him in my number 2 spot is the fact that he has an incredibly tough wife and he is patient with her and allows her to rule all...considering that that's the kind of wife I am, I guess it endeared him to me...

3) Up next is...Gong Yoo's portrayal of Han Gyul from Coffee Prince. Now, we don't actually see these two get married BUUUUUT they talk about it and lets face it, that last episode clearly shows the love these two share, breaking up is not in their plans (...ten years later they have four kids and hate each other's guts...) Anyway, this Kdrama is particularly delightful because the female love interest (Eun Chan) is played by Yoon Eun Hye who is a remarkable actress and she plays a man for half the series. Well actually, Han Gyul mistakes her for a man and because Eun Chan needs the money so she lets him think that...but then feelings start to develop on both sides only--Han Gyul still thinks she's a man!! Omo! (Oh No!) The plot thickens!  Relax, they go through some hard times but they are clearly meant for each other which is why he made my top five best Kdrama husbands. He started falling in love when he still thought she was a man which says something about his defies sexuality and was based purely on personality. Now I must be honest, Korea still has some very taboo feelings on homosexuality so I was doing a little happy dance when I discovered this gem of a Kdrama because it opened the door to gayness in Korea-->here is a recent Poll showing the increase in acceptance in Korea. Lately we have slowly seen an increase of gay characters in Kdramas and I feel like it all started with...Han Gyul (considering the Kdrama came out in 2007, I don't think this is a coincidence). Anywho--Eventually Han Gyul sends her off for two years to study abroad and let me tell you from experience, long distance relationships are hard to maintain yet this man did it. Here's the clincher, when she asked for one more year to study in a special program, he (after much debate and heartache on his part) said yes, he would wait another year in order for her to do the program that she wants to do. BAM! That's how he landed his spot at number three...because of his love for her and the fact that she wanted this so badly, he gave up his wants in light of hers and it didn't even bother him to do so! 

4) This next guy comes from a Kdrama with two husbands...for the same girl!!  Kim Jae Wook plays Jung In as husband number one and husband number two is "Mu Gyul" played by Jang Geun Suk in Marry Me Mary (a.k.a.Mary Stayed Out All Night) Now anyone who knows me knows that Jang Geun Suk is my favorite Kdrama actor, hands down, however...I'm trying to stay objective and base my choices on the character not the actor which is why...Kim Jae Wook's Jung In takes the spot at number four. This man...this man...*sigh* he uses and abuses the "Second Lead Syndrome"(the second male lead is always better than the first BUT the first male lead always wins) rule and makes me wanna cry. Ok, it's not as bad as all that...considering who is at number five BUT nonetheless, this man is amazing and he doesn't even get the girl. The premise is: two long lasting friends decided a long, long time ago that their two kids were going to be married which is fine and dandy if you have two incredibly passive children or you live in the Joseon Era...but they don't. Well Ma Ri's (female lead played by Actress Moon Geun Young) father decides to forge her name on a marriage certificate and tie her to Jung In without her knowledge and prior approval. In an attempt to get out of the marriage, she fakes a prior marriage to Mu Gyul. That's about all you need to know about this drama for the sake of the blog. You know from the moment the Kdrama begins that Jung In isn't going to get the girl however it's ok because he's a rude, condescending chaebol, right? WRONG! He changes and  becomes this kind and caring man who tries his hardest to sweetly make Ma Ri love him through his unending patience and strength and ultimately, the sacrifice of his love for her. How did he manage to snag the number four spot? So glad you asked...he decides to play the tug-of-war for Ma Ri's heart fair and square despite already being her real and true husband! Eventually Jung In, having made himself miserable for want of Ma Ri, decides that for her happiness, he will let her go even though..again..I reiterate, he is her legal husband. THAT'S why he made number four. 

5) Number five gives me the most pain...and seems the most out of concept but hopefully I will be able to explain how and why he made the list even though he was never a husband and, for all intents and purposes, never will is with much, much pain that I say Yoo Seung Ho's portrayal of Harry Borrison (a.k.a. Kang Hyung Joon) from I Miss You that makes husband number five! His story is so tragic that I can barely speak of it...anyone who has seen this Kdrama will tell you that Harry was perfect until his past caught up to him. He actually inspired many a Youtube videos from fans because he was a character that was written and acted out so brilliantly! This premise is WAAAAY too convoluted to explain so I will give you the kindergarten version...which, let me tell you, is very hard. Zooey  (a.k.a. Soo Yeon played by Yoon Eun Hye) experienced something traumatic when she was fifteen and ran away from home with Harry, who also experienced something traumatic. Zooey left behind a traumatized ex-boyfriend, Han Jung Woo (played by Park Yoochan a.k.a. Micky Yoochan) who has spends the next 12 years looking for her. Twelve years later, both Harry and Zooey are successful and have put their pasts behind them in light of ignoring their inner turmoil. Harry's "aunt" dies and he must come back to Korea to take care of her estate however, Zooey decides to follow him back and surprise him...only right about here is where it all begins to fall apart...see, up to this point, Harry and Zooey have been living as...well...not as brother and sister or even as boyfriend and girlfriend but just as two people who can only depend on each other for everything. Zooey does eventually comment that she always assumed her and Harry would get married but Harry, knowing her past, never pushed her on it...he never had too because it was clear she loved only him and wanted only him...that's until she goes back to Korea and has a massive face down with the reality of her past. That's about the extent of what you NEED to know for the purpose of this blog but it only covers about 1/10th of the Kdrama itself. Before the crushing of Harry's soul, however, he isTHE perfect husband! He loves Zooey, lets her be who she is, accepts all that is her, even the bad parts, and understands her well enough that he would have lived the rest of his life strictly standing by her side even if he never really, truly had her. He would have been content just living and breathing with her but NOOOOO, sheHAD to go back to Korea didn't she? Can you sense the resentment?!?!? He made the list because he gave his "wife" everything she wanted and needed without complaint..his ONLY request was that she loved him back. That's all she needed to do...ok, I gotta stop before I go into full on "I LOVE HARRY BORRISON" rant one likes that mode...

I didn't make this but it shows just how many fans Harry Borrison had...*tear*

So quick rundown: 

Joo Won is a husband who is persistent and never once wavered in his love for his lady love--how charming! Yoon Yoon Ji is patient with his wife and is there for her no matter how difficult the circumstances--how steady!  Han Gyul's love for his lady surpassed logic by surviving an identity crises regardless of the circumstances and is a husband who wants what his lady wants--how understanding! Jung In is kind and loving to the point of sacrificing his happiness for his wife and allowing her to love another man--how strong! *sheds tears* And Harry all of these and would be the perfect husband if not for the fact that he goes bat sh*t crazy because he is unable to find someone to love him as much as he loves them.

As always, I encourage those who have never given Kdramas a chance watch any one of these and open your mind to the world of foreign dramas. Any of these can be watched on Huluplus or DramaFever. Ok, so that's all for THIS particular Top Five and if you stuck with me all the way to now, I thank you! Don't forget to leave your perfect Kdrama husband in the comments below! 

Be in peace everyone, until next time...Stay Calm like Harry Borrison!


  1. My vote goes for Joo Wan (aka Sweet Potato) from I Need Romance 3!

    1. OH...he was good,wasn't he? I should do a bonus round of this blog with new husbands...*considers*...I should...